Replacing a broken zipper, mending jeans, sewing on buttons—those tasks get a 2-thumbs down rating in my book under the topic of sewing entertainment! These repairs are important, but they don’t have to be difficult.

In this new 2-part Sewing With Nancy series, I’m taking a lighter approach to fixing what’s broken, while breaking most of the sewing rules.

You’ll find five common mending repairs in the second episode of Quick Stitch to Wear Again, a new Sewing With Nancy program. Watch online, on Public TV, or on DVD. Or, follow all the details in the book. Here’s what you’ll learn!

Cutaway-Zipper Remedy

The Cutaway-Zipper Remedy is my prescription for replacing a broken zipper in a jacket or coat. Unlike traditional solutions, this zipper cure does not involve opening seams.

How to replace a broken zipper/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

Holes to Art Patches

A tear in pants or jeans can easily turn from an unwanted hole to art. This next Quick Stitch to Wear Again technique is one way of fixing a problem with unconventional, yet clever sewing steps.

How to mend rips, tears, or holes/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

Lumberjack Patches

If you are faced with a lumberjack-sized hole in your jeans, which needs immediate attention, I’d like to show you how to take the easy way out. But don’t think that this quick fix is temporary. No sir-ree, it’s meant to withstand the riggers of any want-to-be logger.

How to mend rips, tears, or holes/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

Too Much Cake Fix

Indulging in an extra cookie or a piece of chocolate cake may seem like poor choices. After time those extra treats can turn into a permanent fixture around our middles. Rather than discarding or never wearing your favorite pair of jeans, I’d like to show you how to make them wearable again, using my Too Much Cake Fix.

How to let out the waist in jeans/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

No-Fuss Repairs

The next time someone asks you to sew on a button, suggest that they watch this Sewing With Nancy segment online! I’m a firm believer that everyone should know how to sew this basic fix. The process is a no-brainer, when using no-fuss steps.

How to sew on a button/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

Two-thumbs up to Philip Ashby, graphic artist at Wisconsin Public TV,  for his spot-on illustrations!

For a chance to win a copy of Quick Stitch to Wear Again, simply leave me a comment sharing which of these mending tips you need the most. A winner will be randomly selected and announced on September 10.Quick Stitch to Wear Again by Nancy Zieman Book & DVD

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Quick Stitch to Wear Again by Nancy Zieman

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