Designer Handbag Knockoffs 2 | Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Learn Designer Tips for Sewing Handbags

Last week, I showcased a few bags from Handbags 2—Designer Knockoffs. This two-part series with embroidery expert Eileen Roche features our unique approach to creating fashionable handbags. As you might guess, this week’s Sewing With Nancy online video is the second episode. You can watch it online at Here’s a preview of what you’ll see: First Episode Review … Continue Reading

How To Sew a Heartbeat Table Runner | Quick Column Quilts by Nancy Zieman

Quick Column Quilts Heartbeat Table Runner

No matter the size—table runner to king—you can sew a quick column quilt in a heartbeat! Colorful accent strips in a variety of widths make up the heartbeat pattern, while the subdued one-color strips add a perfect background for the design. In my book Quick Column Quilts you’ll find this design sewn in various sizes including a baby … Continue Reading

Adventure Quilt Block of the Month Quilt | April 2015 | Nancy Zieman

2015 Adventure Quilt—Block of the Month #4

We are one-third of the way through the 2015 Adventure Quilt—my first Block of the Month journey. I’m planning my finished quilt to include 24 total blocks, making two scrap blocks each month from the same pattern with different fabrics. Our fourth Block of the Month pattern is the The Ferris Wheel Block. The Trace ‘n … Continue Reading

Designer Knockoff Handbags 2 | Nancy Zieman

Handbags 2 – Designer Knockoffs

Eileen Roche and I teamed up to create Designer Handbags, using an embroidery machine to add high-end designer details. Many of you asked for more options to embroider on your handbags. We set forth and developed more embroidery designs, which incorporate trendy over-sized grommet accents. Handbags 2—Designer Knockoffs is this week’s online Sewing With Nancy … Continue Reading

IMG_0961 Feature

Sew a Casserole Carrier in Time for Your Next Potluck

Stitch this Casserole Carrier project in an evening or two. Then, let your tasteful carrier help you get a handle on things. Cook, place a casserole in the center, wrap and GO! An insulated carrier is perfect for picnics and potluck dinners. The inner insulated pocket lets you store a hot or cold pack to … Continue Reading


Add Nancy Zieman to Your Smart Phone

There is a good chance you own a smart phone. You may be reading this blog post on your smart phone right now. The technology has really changed the way we operate and has become quite a time saver. In an effort to save you more time, we want you to have the Nancy Zieman … Continue Reading

Carefree Curve Quilt Templates Nancy Zieman Hearts and Gizzard Block

Quilt Easily with Carefree Curves Templates

Looking for a quilt block on the internet or in a reference book? Have you noticed the unusual names given to quilt blocks? One of the most unique monikers, Hearts and Gizzards, dates back to the late 1800s. The gizzard shape, opposite the recognizable heart motif is not something many modern-day people will recognize. The … Continue Reading


Sew Comfy Tablet Keeper

The Trace ‘n Create Tablet Keeper Template, a die-cut template that allows you to create personalized covers for electronic tablets, can now be customized for reading comfort! Today’s tutorial shows how to add elastic reading bands to your tablet keeper. Hands slip under the stretchy bands for comfortable reading. Notions, fabrics, and supplies  The Original Trace … Continue Reading

How to Sew an Insulated Tote | Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy

Sew a So-Cool Picnic Tote

It’s that perfect time of year for toting food to picnics and cookouts. Whether you are planning a family outing for the day or packing the car for a road trip, this modified Weekender Tote will keep hot foods warm or chilled foods cool. Here’s how to make a personalized insulated tote. Simply modify my instructions found … Continue Reading

Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman | How To Quilt with Carefree Curves Templates

Traditional Quilts with Carefree Curves Templates

Curved seams have been in traditional quilt blocks for years. Unfortunately, curved seams are not necessarily fun or fast to sew, until now. Using two squares, yes squares, you can create a 1/4-circle block, similar to the well-known Drunkard’s Path design, without matching any opposing curved seams. Watch and learn as I demonstrate the simple … Continue Reading

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