Serge a Scarf in 30 minutes—Baby Lock’s National Serger Month

If you’re only using your serger for finishing fabric edges, you’re missing out on a lot of serging fun and creativity! As part of Baby Lock’s National Serger Month, I’d like to show you how the standard overlock stitch you’ve used for clean finishing raw edges, can also be featured as an outer edge finish. … Continue Reading


A Live, Online Seminar–My Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques

I’m a teacher, not in the traditional sense, but one that teaches on TV, You Tube, and at sewing/quilting events. I truly enjoy the personal events, but  I can’t possibly fill all the requests. Trying to fill that void, my staff and I decided to present live, online seminars, called webcasts. Our first webcast this … Continue Reading


A Great Beginner’s Quilting Project—The Supersize Tumbler

For nonquilters here’s an excellent beginner’s project. It’s a simple design and the blocks can be supersized—up to 10″ in height. It’s also an ideal project to teach to someone who’d like to quilt but doesn’t know where to start—the stitching is streamlined and the results are fast! When I introduced the Trace ‘n Create … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman Perfect Placement Software Wearables

Add Embroidery—Perfectly and Precisely!

Machine embroidery is easy, it’s the placement that’s tricky! That’s the phrase that I’ve said hundreds of times either on Sewing With Nancy or during seminars. Now I can confidently say, Machine embroidery is easy and now you can have perfect design placement! The reason? Perfect Placement Software—Wearables. The software provides two types of embroideries: … Continue Reading

Nancy Zieman Live Webcast from Nancy Zieman's Studio to Your Computer

Join Nancy Zieman for a Live Webcast on April 26

Learn—Interact—Save—Have Fun! Live from my studio to your computer on April 26th, join me, Nancy Zieman, for a fun and interactive webcast featuring my Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques. If you’ve never participated in a webcast, it’s easy. The day before the event, we’ll send everyone who registered a link to the webcast. A few minutes … Continue Reading


Nancy’s Most Popular Blog Posting—Absolute Easiest Way to Sew Elastic

Okay, the above picture doesn’t look like much. That’s the point! It’s the easiest way to sew elastic to a waistline without the telltale topstitching of an elastic waistline. Over the years, I’ve tweaked and personalized sewing techniques.  My favorites are collated in my book, Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z. Now I’ll share a bonus technique … Continue Reading

How to Make a Fabric Wreath by Donna Fenske & Nancy Zieman

No-Sew Fabric Wreath

By Donna Fenske, Nancy’s Notions Guest Blogger Greet your guests with this decorative fabric wreath. You know you hate to throw good fabric away, no matter what size it is. Put your scrap fabrics to good use by making a fabric wreath to decorate your home. This easy project really packs a color punch when … Continue Reading


Stippling for Applique by Mary Mulari

By guest blogger, Mary Mulari—designer and author of Applique—Large & Small There’s no need to cut applique designs from ordinary fabric when you can make it extraordinary by first adding embroidery machine stippling. Using the designs from my book Applique—Large & Small, I prepared appliques with stitched texture. Choose a stippling pattern for an extra large … Continue Reading

Sew Grand Dresden Quilts Sewing With Nancy Zieman

A Dresden Quilt Design Gets a Makeover

Change the fabric, modify the technique, and a traditional Dresden Plate quilt design turns into Twirling Parasols. This is just one of four Dresden quilt design options featured in my Sewing With Nancy TV episode, Sew Grand Dresden Quilts. It’s one of my newest Sewing With Nancy programs, which you can watch online, on Public TV, … Continue Reading


A Community of Sewing Connects the Dots

Sewing is not a solitary craft. Sewing is a community. Our grandmothers’ sewing bees, church bazaars, and even modern-day sewing or quilting guilds and retreats are all sewing communities. Much like my teaching career and business—not solitary—made possible by a community of people helping me—you helping me. Another example of a sewing community is Nancy’s … Continue Reading

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