Enjoy the style of narrow straps with the benefit of being durable. The bag is created with the Trace ‘n Create Hobo Tote Template with an upgrade of double handles. Here are the simple steps to create these go-to handbag handles.

Extra Supplies:

Double Handle Instructions:

Follow the instructions within the packaging of the Trace ‘n Create Hobo Tote Template, including these modifications for the handles.

Trace 'n Create Template Hobo Tote and book Nancy Zieman

  • Cut two, 2″ x 40″ crosswise strips of fabric for the handles.
  • Fuse the Create-a-Strap to the wrong side.
  • Fold and press along the lengthwise perforations.
  • Press a second time, meeting wrong sides and folded edges. The 1″ strap will now be 1/2″ in width.
  • Pin or clip the folded edges.

  • Edgestitch the folded edges, starting 3” from the beginning and leaving 3” at the end.

  • Insert the straps through the D-rings. Do not twist the straps.

  • Unfold the short ends, align right sides, and stitch short ends of each strap with a 1/4″ seam, making a continuous loop. Press the seam open.

  •  In the unsewn area, refold along the perforations, fold a second time, and edgestitch the folded edges. 

  • Insert the D-rings through the strap connectors, which are sewn to the bag.
  • Align the double layers of each handle. Pin or clip above the D-Ring.

  • Move the needle position to the left.
  • Stitch through both layers above the D-Ring.

  • Mark the center of each double strap.
  • Place double straps on the end of an ironing board. Pin layers together 1-1/2″ on each side of the center mark.
  • Stitch double straps together in this 3″ area to keep the handles from separating.

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