machine embroidery hooping techniques, how to embroidery a oniesThe first step for adding machine embroidery to fabric or “ready-mades” is to hoop the fabric. Sounds simple, yet with each different fabric type and/or shape of the project, there are valuable tips and techniques that make that hooping process simple. My Sewing With Nancy guest and professional embroiderer Marie Zinno and I give you five lessons during the first episode of Hoop It Up—Guide to Successful Embroidery. We hope you’ll follow along.

A Lesson on Hooping a Onesie

Learn how to stabilize, hoop, and embroider a blanket, burp cloth, bib, hooded towel, and onesie. You can easily watch online to see all the tricks of the trade. I thought I’d share one of the lessons with you—hooping a onesie—to show you that we have lots of tricks up our sleeves.

Step one: Stabilize the knit fabric.

  • Fuse a large  piece of a fusible cutaway stabilizer to the wrong side of the knit fabric. Later, the stabilizer will be trimmed down to size. The large fused area improves the hooping results.

How to embroider a onsie, How to hoop fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing With Nancy

Step Two: Determine placement of the design.

  • Use a template designed for onesies to a achieve spot-on placement.
  • Align the template with the neckline shape and center front of the onesie. This template is one of 16 templates found in The Children’s Perfect Placement Kit. If you’ve ever embroidered a design lower, higher, or off center, you’ll appreciate using these handy templates.
  • Position a Target Sticker within the opening.

How to embroidery, how to hoop fabrics, Marie Zinno, Nancy Zieman, Sewing With Nancy

Step Three: Nest the onesie around the hoop.

  • Use a Hoop Guard to keep the nested fabric from getting in the way of the embroidery needle. It’s a great investment if you plan on embroidering many small, ready-made items. The Hoop Guard is placed on the “north” end of the hoop. Watch online as Marie preps the hoop for embroidery.
  • Use strips of painter’s tape to keep the remaining fabric out of the stitching field.

How to embroider a onsie, How to hoop fabrics, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing With Nancy

Step Four: Enjoy the embroidery process.

  • Select your fabric embroidery designs. All of the embroideries for the featured baby items are from the Amazing Designs Collection, Cuddle Buddies.

Step Five: Remove the embroidery from the hoop and trim away the excess stabilizer.

Other Hooping Lessons

During this first episode of Hoop It Up—Guide to Successful Embroidery, learn how to hoop:

  • A fleece or napped blanket—my kids called them ni-nights!

How to hoop embroidery projects, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing With Nancy

  • Burp Cloths—remind the new parents to place the embroidered half of the cloth towards their back.

How to hoop embroidery projects, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno, Sewing With Nancy

  • Baby Bibs—new moms and dads need lots of these, so do the grandparents.

machine embroidery techniques, hooping fabrics for embroidery, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno

  • Hooded Bath Towel—you’re going to like the nesting technique.

machine embroidery techniques, hooping fabrics for embroidery, Nancy Zieman, Marie Zinno

99 Tips for Embroidery Success in Hoop It Up, a book by Marie Zinno and Eileen Roche

Marie and co-author Eileen Roche have teamed up to show you how professionals hoop over 30 projects.

  • Learn a different approach to hooping over 30 projects—both flat and tubular.
  • Use either a standard hoop or a user-friendly magnetic hoop.
  • Read and learn from two embroidery professionals.
  • Inside the 80 page spiral bound book you’ll find embroidery positioning tools that you can use again and again:
    • Angle Finder
    • 4″ Target Ruler (two versions)
    • 7″ Target Ruler (two versions)
    • Target Stickers

Hoop it Up—Guide to Successful Machine Embroidery, Marie Zinno, Eileen Roche

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Hoop It Up Machine Embroidery by Nancy Zieman | Sewing With Nancy | How to Machine Embroider a Onesie

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