Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway EventLast year I met with my director Laurie Gorman over lunch to discuss what we should do, if anything, to celebrate Sewing With Nancy’s 30 anniversary on TV. The two of us decided to let the anniversary quietly pass. After all, we’re Midwesterners. When in doubt, take the back seat. 

Several weeks later we cast aside our inhibitions and decided to make a big deal out of the anniversary. We learned that David Letterman and The Wheel of Fortune are also celebrating 30 years on TV this year. Those respective programs wouldn’t sit back without notice, so why should we!

Grins, Giggles, and Guests

This week and next you’ll be able to watch the celebration. Our 3oth Anniversary Special, a 2-part special, was recorded in June with a studio audience—something unique for Sewing With Nancy. Special guests were invited, old videotapes were dusted off, and video montages were compiled. Wait until you see 30 years worth of hair styles, fashions, and topics!


Gail Brown, Natalie Sewell, Mary Mulari, and Eileen Roche were invited to appear during the anniversary special as they’ve all played a key role over the decades, bringing a unique approach to sewing, quilting, and creating.

Sewing With Nancy's 30th anniversary special

I had planned my segments with each of them months in advance, but a rehearsal was definitely needed. Having an audience on site changed the playing field for everyone. June 13th was a full-fledged rehearsal. We rehearsed, then rehearsed again!

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Special Nancy Zieman

The rough edges were smoothed out and the rehearsal audience laughed at all the right places!

Sewing With Nancy 30th anniversary special Nancy Zieman

Sewing With Nancy 30th anniversary special Nancy Zieman

The TV show should really be called Sewing With Nancy, Donna, Pat, Laurie, Deanna, Lois, Leslie, Greg, Willie, Kurt, Lynn, Brandon . . .  You get the idea. Thanks to the crew at Wisconsin Public TV for all they do to make the show come together.

Lights, Cameras, Action

Lights, Cameras, Action

Back stage right before the recording session, Laurie Gorman, Sewing With Nancy’s director, adds some levity to the day.

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Special Nancy Zieman

Show time!

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Special Nancy Zieman

Now watch and enjoy!

Meet my family, watch vintage (gulp) clips, and revisit old memories with special friends. Watch part one of the Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Special at

Sewing With Nancy 30 Anniversary Special Part One

Rewatch, again and again! The DVD is available from

Sewing With Nancy's 30th Anniversary Special DVD

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

Sewing with Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

To celebrate 30 years on television, Sewing With Nancy sponsors, guests, and friends have generously donated “30” amazing giveaways. To qualify for one of the following giveaways, post a comment below with your favorite Sewing With Nancy memory. 30 random winners will be announced November 30!

1. Baby Lock Exclusive Commemorative Tin Featuring Zundt Embroidery DesignsSwiss embroidery from the St. Gallen area is known around the world for exquisite designs and utmost quality. Over the years, the artists at Zundt have carried on this tradition, Commemorative Tin features an exclusive piece of their work with three collections created just for Baby Lock. All 30 winners will receive this giveaway! Value $299

2. Artfabrik One Yard Hand Dyed Fabric by Laura Wasilowski. One of my favorite colorways, Wild Rice! Value $24

3. & 4. Clover Gift Basket of Nancy Zieman Signature Products includes Pin ‘n Stow, Rotary Cutter Cradle, Trace ‘n Create Bag Template-Hobo Tote Collection, Trace ‘n Create E-Tablet & Paper Tablet Keepers 2.0, Precut Tablet Keeper Shapers, Fuse ‘n Bind, and New Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors. Value $153.25

5. Designs in Machine Embroidery Embroiderer’s Favorite Combo: Designer Necklines and Designer Handbags with Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman. Value $100

6. Friestyle Purple Coneflowers Pattern & Fabric Kit by Frieda Anderson. Value $40

7. Indygo Junctions’ 30 new patterns releases from 2012 along with Fabric Flowers Book by Amy Barickman. Value $373.69

8. Klassé Needle Value Pack includes a variety of needle types; 40 total needles. Value $31.95

9. Krause Publications/F+W Celebrate Sewing Book Pack includes Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z, Nancy’s Favorite 101 Notions, Simply Serging by Charlene Phillips and Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes. Value $105.96

10. Madeira Incredible Threadable includes 80 spools of 220 yd. rayon embroidery thread, 2 spools of 1650 yd. Bobbinfil bobbin thread, a design CD from Amazing Designs with 42 embroidery designs, a complete printed color card, and a handy carry strap. Value $444.18

11. Mary’s Productions Easy Reversible Aprons Pattern and Full Flair Apron Pattern plus two yards fabric by Mary Mulari. Value $40

12. Create With Nancy All Dolled Up book by Joan Hinds with Nancy Zieman. Value $29.99

13. Create With Nancy Dimensional Machine Embroidery book by Deborah Jones with Nancy Zieman. Value $34.99

14. Create With Nancy Fabric Jewelry book by Heidi Pridemore with Nancy Zieman. Value $29.99

15. Create With Nancy Machine Embroidered Quilting and Appliqué book by Eileen Roche with Nancy Zieman. Value $32.99

16. Create With Nancy Photo-Inspired Art Quilts book by Leni Weiner with Nancy Zieman. Value $29.99

17. Create With Nancy Piece in the Hoop book by Larisa Bland with Nancy Zieman. Value $32.99

18. Create With Nancy Serge & Merge Quilts book by Sharon Rotz with Nancy Zieman. Value $29.99

19. Create With Nancy Stash with Splash book by Cindy Casciato with Nancy Zieman. Value $29.99

20. Clover’s Trace ‘n Create Town & Country Bag Set includes Trace `n Create Bag Template Town & Country Bag, Shape `n Create Bag & Tote Stabilizer, 1″ Create-A-Strap, Snap Closure, D-Rings, and Double-Sided Basting Tape. Value $47.70

21. Clover’s Trace ‘n Create Florida Tote Set includes Trace `n Create Bag Template Florida Tote, Shape `n Create Bag & Tote Stabilizer, 1″ Create-A-Strap, Wrap `n Fuse Piping, Snap Closures, and D-Rings. Value $51.40

22. & 23. Sewing With Nancy’s 30th Anniversary Gift Pack from Nancy’s Notions includes Sewing With Nancy’s 30th Anniversary Special DVD, Nancy’s 30 Favorite Gifts to Sew Book, I Love Sewing With Nancy Keychain, I Love Sewing With Nancy Magnet, and I Love Sewing With Nancy Tape Measure. Value $38.95

24. Fresh From the Clothesline Autographed book by Darlene Zimmerman from The Feedsack Lady. Value $25

25. Set of Five Amalie Patterns by Darlene Zimmerman from The Feedsack Lady. Value $50

26. Riley Blake’s Medium Dots Fat Quarter Bundle includes fifteen 18″ x 22″ cuts. Bundle includes one fat quarter of each print in the Riley Blake Medium Dots fabric line. 100% cotton fabric. Value $38.50

27. Oliso TG1600 Pro SmartIron for Quilting, Sewing, and Crafting. Value $199

28. One-year subscription to Sew Confident! With Pattern Package by Linda Lee includes step-by-step program that brings you a year of sewing instruction—one garment at a time! Value $145

29. Quilt Expo T-Shirt & Four Tickets to the 2013 Quilt Expo from Wisconsin Public Television—Escape-Create-Celebrate the ultimate quilting adventure in Madison, Wis.—the perfect getaway for quilting enthusiasts. Value $53

30. Sewing With Nancy DVD Package from Wisconsin Public Television includes Nancy’s 25 Favorite Techniques, 12 Easy Sew Bags, Sweatshirt Makeovers, and Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z, and a “Kick It Up a Stitch” apron. Value $75

Wow! What amazing giveaways! Thank you to all the generous Sewing With Nancy sponsors, guests, and friends for donating such wonderful giveaways! To qualify for one of the above giveaways post a comment below, by noon on November 29, with your favorite Sewing With Nancy memory. Winners will be announced November 30, 2012.

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