Nancy Zieman How to Sew a Potluck CarrierStitch this Casserole Carrier, from the Hot and Handy Projects book. Then, let your tasteful carrier help you get a handle on things. Place your hot dish (or cold dish) in the center, wrap and GO! An insulated carrier is perfect for picnics and potluck dinners. The inner insulated pocket lets you store a hot or cold pack to keep the temperature of your dish just right. The carrier folds flat when not in use and can be laundered.


  • 7/8 yard Fabric A (carrier body)
  • 1/2 yard Fabric B (pocket)
  • 2 yards 1″ wide black webbing/strapping 
  • Optional: 1/3 yard Fabric C (instead of webbing/strapping handles) and 1″ Create A Strap Interfacing 
  • 7/8 yard Quilted Iron Quick
  • 1/4 yard hook and loop tape
  • Matching thread

     For the casserole carrier we’re creating today, we’re using the same fabric for the body and pocket—instead of using Fabric A and Fabric B. Contrasting fabrics work great, too!

Nancy Zieman shows how to Sew an easy Potluck CarrierConstruction:

  •  Cut fabrics:
  1. Fabric A: Cut two 13″ x 36″ rectangles (pocket base and handle base)
  2. Fabric B: Cut one 13″ x 44″ rectangle (pocket)
  3. Fabric C: Cut two 4″ x 36″ rectangles (handles)
  4. Quilted Iron Quick: Cut two 13″ x 36″ rectangles (carrier lining)
  • Make the pocket by folding the 13″ x 44″ rectangle in half, meeting the 13″ ends.
  • Stitch a 1/4″ seam along the 13″ edges.

  • Press seam open; turn the pocket tube right side out, centering the seam. Press.
  • Edgestitch the 13″ edges.

Complete the Pocket Panel

  • Fold Fabric A pocket base in half, meeting 13″ ends. Pin at fold to mark center. Repeat, to mark center of the pocket.
  • Position and pin the pocket to the right side of Fabric A. Baste pocket to Fabric A along the length close to the cut edges.
  • Center and stitch a 5-1/2″ loop side section of the hook and loop tape to the right side of one short edge of the base.

  • Center and stitch a 3″ hook side of the hook and loop tape to the reflective/silver side of one short edge of one Quilted Iron Quick section.

  • Meet and pin completed pocket base to Quilted Iron Quick, right sides together, checking to ensure hook and loop tape sections are on opposite ends.
  • Round the corners using a template included in Hot and Handy Projects.
  • Stitch 1/2″ seam around the outer edge, leaving a 6″-8″ opening at the center of one long edge for turning.
    To reduce bulk when trimming, use pinking shears or a rotary pinking blade. Its a great time saver, since the zigzag edge of pinking shears/blade removes excess fabric as it trims.
  • Turn the pocket panel right side out. Press edge. Edgestitch around outer edge, stitching the opening closed.

  • Stitch between lengthwise edges, 6″ from each short edge of the panel.

Prepare the Handle Panel

  • Center and stitch the 3″ loop side of the hook and loop tape to the right side of one short edge of the Fabric A handle base.
  • Center and stitch a 5-1/2″ hook side of the hook and loop tape to the silver side of one short edge of the remaining Quilted Iron Quick section.
  • Join the handle base and Quilted Iron Quick section, right sides together with a 1/2″ seam, ensuring hook and loop sections are at opposite ends. Trim, press, turn and edgestitch as for the pocketed panel.
  • Using the 1″ webbing, stitch the short ends together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seam open.

Attach Handles to Handle Panel

  • Fold handle base in half, meeting short ends. Mark center with a pin.
  • Position handle on handle base, 3″ from each lengthwise edge, meeting handle seams to base center marks. Pin in place.
  • Measure 6″ from each short edge. Mark from lengthwise edge to lengthwise edge. This indicates the starting and stopping points for stitching the handle strapping.
  • Edgestitch each side of both handles between the 6″ markings.

Join the Casserole Panels

  • Place the pocket panel fabric side up. Mark the center of the pocket.
  • Meet short ends of the handle panel: Mark the center.
  • Place the handle panel at a right angle to the pocket panel, fabric side up, meeting center marks. The handle panel will be approximately 11-1/2″ from ends of the pocket panel. Pin in place.
  • Stitch along three sides to secure the layers, leaving the fourth side open for inserting a hot or cold pack.

Nancy Zieman shares how to Make an easy Potluck Carrier

A complete supply list and detailed directions are included in Hot and Handy Projects.


The Hot and Handy Projects book includes:

  • Full color photographs and illustrations
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Double-wire binding so pages lay flat when open—no more struggling to keep your page from turning or bending; plus it’s easier to keep your book right next to you as you work
  • Soft cover with 44 pages

Hot and Handy Projects Book by Nancy Zieman

Happy Sewing!

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