Nancy Zieman How to Sew a Potluck CarrierStitch this Casserole Carrier project in an evening or two. Then, let your tasteful carrier help you get a handle on things. Cook, place a casserole in the center, wrap and GO! An insulated carrier is perfect for picnics and potluck dinners. The inner insulated pocket lets you store a hot or cold pack to keep the temperature of your dish just right. The carrier folds flat when not in use and can be laundered.


Note from Nancy: For the casserole carrier I’m creating today, I’m using the same fabric for the body and pocket instead of using Fabric A and Fabric B. Contrasting fabrics work great, too. Nancy Zieman shows how to Sew an easy Potluck CarrierConstruction:

  •  Cut fabrics:
  1. Fabric A: Cut two 13″ x 36″ rectangles (pocket base and handle base)
  2. Fabric B: Cut one 13″ x 44″ rectangle (pocket)
  3. Fabric C: Cut two 4″ x 36″ rectangles (handles)
  4. Quilted Iron Quick: Cut two 13″ x 36″ rectangles (carrier lining)
  • Make the pocket by folding the 13″ x 44″ rectangle in half, meeting the 13″ ends.
  • Stitch a 1/4″ seam along the 13″ edges.

  • Press seam open; turn the pocket tube right side out, centering the seam. Press.
  • Edgestitch the 13″ edges.

Complete the Pocket Panel

  • Fold Fabric A pocket base in half, meeting 13″ ends. Pin at fold to mark center. Repeat, to mark center of the pocket.
  • Position and pin the pocket to the right side of Fabric A. Baste pocket to Fabric A along the length close to the cut edges.
  • Center and stitch a 5-1/2″ loop side section of the hook and loop tape to the right side of one short edge of the base.

  • Center and stitch a 3″ hook side of the hook and loop tape to the reflective/silver side of one short edge of one Quilted Iron Quick section.

  • Meet and pin completed pocket base to Quilted Iron Quick, right sides together, checking to ensure hook and loop tape sections are on opposite ends.
  • Round the corners using a template included in Hot and Handy Projects.
  • Stitch 1/2″ seam around the outer edge, leaving a 6″-8″ opening at the center of one long edge for turning.
Note from Nancy: To reduce bulk when trimming, use pinking shears or a rotary pinking blade. It is a great time saver, since the zigzag edge of pinking shears/blade removes excess fabric as it trims.
  • Turn the pocket panel right side out. Press edge. Edgestitch around outer edge, stitching the opening closed.

  • Stitch between lengthwise edges, 6″ from each short edge of the panel.

Prepare the Handle Panel

  • Center and stitch the 3″ loop side of the hook and loop tape to the right side of one short edge of the Fabric A handle base.
  • Center and stitch a 5-1/2″ hook side of the hook and loop tape to the silver side of one short edge of the remaining Quilted Iron Quick section.
  • Join the handle base and Quilted Iron Quick section, right sides together with a 1/2″ seam, ensuring hook and loop sections are at opposite ends. Trim, press, turn and edgestitch as for the pocketed panel.
  • Using the strapping handles, stitch the short ends together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seams open. (See Hot and Handy Projects for details on creating fabric handles.)

Attach Handles to Handle Panel

  • Fold  handle base in half, meeting short ends. Mark center with a pin.
  • Position handle on handle base, 3″ from each lengthwise edge, meeting handle seams to base center marks. Pin in place.

  • Measure 6″ from each short edge.  Mark from lengthwise edge to lengthwise edge. This indicates the starting and stopping points for stitching the handle strapping.
  • Edgestitch each side of both handle strips between the 6″ markings.

Join the Casserole Panels

  • Place the pocket panel fabric side up. Mark the center of the pocket.
  • Meet short ends of the handle panel: Mark the center.
  • Place the handle panel at a right angle to the pocket panel, fabric side up, meeting center marks. The handle panel will be approximately 11-1/2″ from ends of the pocket panel. Pin in place.
  • Stitch along three sides to secure the layers, leaving the fourth side open for inserting a hot or cold pack.

Nancy Zieman shares how to Make an easy Potluck Carrier

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