Sew Gifts–Make Memories with Mary Mulari and Nancy Zieman. As seen on the TV show Sewing With Nancy on PBS.

Shop outside the big box stores and make your own gifts from new or upcycled fabrics. In this new Sewing With Nancy series, Sew Gifts–Make Memories, we sew gifts for kids and adults that will be appreciated, and enjoyable to make. Mary Mulari is my guest for this series—she always amazes me with her clever approach to sewing.

Nancy Zieman and Guest Mary Mulari Sew Gifs-Make Memories on Sewing With Nancy 

Sew Gifts Make Memories Book by Mary Mulari

In Sew Gifts–Make Memories Part One, we start with Mary’s December Countdown Calendar. Mark the days of December by moving vintage or contemporary buttons from the strip to a dot on the tree. The pockets at the bottom of the calendar can be used for letters to Santa or for small notes promoting acts of kindness for others.

How to sew a Christmas Countdown Calendar as seen on Sewing With Nancy, with Mary Mulari and Nancy Zieman

Next in Sew Gifts–Make Memories Part One, we show how to sew a Two-Pocket Shoe Bag. Carrying shoes to the gym, school, travel, and work is an everyday event. Why not make these clever bags just for that purpose? Choose new fabric, or recycle a shirt and tie. Either way, this is a useful gift to make and offers many opportunities for personalization.

How to sew a shoe bag as seen on Sewing With Nancy, with Mary Mulari and Nancy Zieman Our third gift idea is a Noodle Lounger! Using mesh fabric and grosgrain ribbon, create a lounge-style seat that fits over a swimming noodle. Make one for yourself and another for a friend, and then share lazy summer afternoons seated and relaxed in the water—making more memories. Tune in to Sew Gifts–Make Memories, and learn Mary’s convenient way to fold and store your lounger. How to Sew a Noodle Lounger as seen on Sewing With Nancy

Next up in  Sew Gifts–Make Memories Part One, Mary shows how to make Seat Belt Wrappers. Add comfort to children’s car seats with plush wraps that pad the straps near the neck. A little bit of stitching, small strips of hook and loop tape, a touch of ribbon and lightweight quilt batting are all you’ll need.

How to sew Seatbelt Wrappers for the carThen, watch as we turn one beach towel into two hooded bath towels for babies or toddlers. This practical, quick-to-sew gift easily wraps around little ones with ease—it’s sure to be a welcomed gift and a wonderful surprise. 

How to make a Baby Bath Towel Our sixth gift idea is a Girlfriend’s Shopping Purse. Celebrate your friendship by making a purse for your girlfriend or sister. These bags are perfectly sized for a day of shopping, lunch, and travel. All the essentials—phone, keys, credit cards, cash, and tissues—fit in this compact and lightweight bag. How to make a shoulder wallet Thanks, Mary, for sharing your gift sewing ideas on Sewing With Nancy! Tune in next week to see more of Mary’s gift ideas in Sew Gifts–Make Memories Part Two.

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Sew Gifts - Make Memories with Mary Mulari and Nancy Zieman

Sew Gifts Make Memories Book by Mary Mulari

For a chance to win a copy of the book, Sew Gifts–Make Memories by Mary Mulari, please leave a comment below and let us know what gifts you’re sewing this holiday season. 

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Thanks for sharing your favorite sewing or quilting tips at the end of October 22 and October 29 blogs. The random winner of a copy of the book, 50 Tried and True Sewing & Quilting Tips is Maretta Walker. She said: When I need to press pieces that have an iron-on fusible attached, I use a sheet or two of paper towels. They will keep you from burning your fabric and can be reused or tossed. It keeps any of the fusible from getting on the iron. Also, you can dampen the paper towel instead of using your steam iron for small projects.

50 Tried and True Sewing & Quilting Tips by Nancy Zieman and Friends
The winner of the Sew Adorkable book from the author, Samarra Khaja, is Cheryl Cole who’s comment was: I really like the braille quilt and the prehistoric painting. I’ve been wanting to try a portrait like that.

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