Rope Sewing Reinvented with Lindsey Zinno and Nancy Zieman

Sewing yards and yards of cotton rope or clothesline cording together to create baskets, trivets, or bags is not a new technique. My guest for this next series creates multifunctional baskets, bags, and coasters for the modern home. She learned to sew at a young age, started a business during high school, and continues to create all the projects for her business while studying Environmental Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. Welcome Lindsey Zinno, who will inspire us with her reinvented rope sewing projects. Watch the first in this two-part series Rope Sewing Reinvented on Sewing With Nancy.

Find everything you’ll need to complete these projects in this Rope Sewing Reinvented Starter Kit from Nancy’s Notions.

The Coaster Basics

The coasters show Lindsey’s simple, yet functional style, using uncovered cotton rope—it’s the first project we’ll show you how to make. Use uncovered natural clothesline rope to create a more contemporary design with a traditional technique. Colored thread gives a stylish look. Learn what supplies and techniques Lindsey uses on today’s new episode of Sewing With Nancy.

Mini Dishes

The next step to rope sewing is making vessels, this mini dish can be used for keys, jewelry, garlic, potpourri, or even to tidy up your desk. Use mini dishes for lavender buds and bobbins. Lindsey shares how she creates the mini dish with decorative details on today’s new episode.

Rope Sewing Reinvented with Lindsey Zinno and Nancy Zieman

Oval Tray

Once you’ve mastered the art of shaping a rope vessel, learn to experiment with the design. Lindsey’s Oval Tray is purposeful, while having a modern, artistic style. The angle of stitching determines the vessel shape and the inclusion of rope handles increases the functionality. Watch us create this design on Sewing With Nancy.

Rope Sewing Reinvented Starter Kit includes:

  • Rope Sewing Reinvented Book with DVD
  • Clothesline Rope
  • Topstitching Needles, Size 100
  • Leather Needles Assortment
  • Wonder Clips
  • Stiletto


Watch Rope Sewing Reinvented (Part One and Part Twoon Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win a copy of the Rope Sewing Reinvented Book and DVD from Nancy’s Notions, leave a comment sharing which rope project you’ll make first.

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