These snuggly quillows (quilt + pillow) are sewn with warm and toasty high loft fleece. You and your little sewing partner can make one for themselves, and one for their stuffed animal or doll. A quillow warms your “toesies,” and your heart!

Finished Size: Approximately 58″ x 60″ adult/child-sized, and 27″ x 28″ stuffed animal/doll-sized

Supplies Needed: Makes one adult/child-sized and one stuffed animal/doll-sized or stuffed animal quillow.

• 2½ yd. high loft fleece-Fabric A (quilt)

• ½ yd. high loft fleece-Fabric B (pillow)

• Coordinating, all-purpose thread


Please read all instructions before beginning. Use the width of the presser foot as the depth of the seam allowance. Both sizes of the quillows are made using the same techniques.

1.     Trim away fleece selvages using a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.

2.     Cut the quillow sections:

  • Cut one 58″ x 60″ rectangle (child-sized quilt) and one 27″ x 28″ rectangle (doll-sized quilt) from Fabric A.
  • Cut one 18″ square (child-sized pillow) and one 9″ square (doll-sized pillow) from Fabric B.

3.     Prepare the pillow:

  • Turn under a ½” hem on one of the non-stretchy edges of the pillow; hold in place with Wonder Clips.

Stitch the hem in place using a straight or a narrow width zigzag stitch, guiding the fabric along the edge of the presser foot.



     If you’ve experience skipped stitches, switch to a Size 90 Stretch Needle. The rounded point helps prevent skipped stitches on knits.


4.     Position the pillow on the quilt:

  • Fold the pillow in half to locate its center. Mark at the cut edge opposite the stitched hem.
  • Fold the shorter edge of the quilt in half to locate its center. Mark.
  • Position the pillow on the quilt, right sides together, matching the centers. Pin the pillow to the quilt.
  • Stitch around three sides of the pillow with a straight or a narrow width zigzag stitch.

5.     Complete the quillow:

There is no need to finish the edges of the quilt, as the high loft fleece won’t ravel. It is great for young kids to see how quickly a project can be sewn.

  • Position the quilt, pillow side down. Fold the quilt into thirds lengthwise, wrapping quilt edges toward the wrong side.
  • Fold the quilt approximately into fourths, folding from the end opposite the pillow.
  • Turn the pillow right side out, tucking the folded quilt inside.

Voila! Your quilt becomes a pillow with just a few folds.





Happy Sewing,

Team Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC.

Nancy Zieman Productions, LLC

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