10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy ZiemanLet imaginations run wild, stay organized, or jazz-up a party with chalkboard fabric. The lightweight black fabric with the trademarked name of Chalkcloth is 47″ wide. You can write on it with chalk, wipe it off with a damp sponge or cloth, and use it again. It is safe for all ages as this product passes CSPIA (Consumer Safety Product Improvement Act) tests.

10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric

  1. Cure the chalkboard fabric: Lay the fabric right side up, and rub the entire surface with chalkboard chalk, first in the horizontal and then in the vertical direction. Clean the fabric with a damp cloth; then repeat the process.
  2. Use a wool setting on your iron and a dry press cloth; press from the wrong side to remove wrinkles.
  3. Press seams using a wooden pressing tool, such as the Little Wooden Iron.
  4. Stitch with a Teflon Foot for best results. If you use a standard presser foot, use tissue paper or wax paper between the fabric and the presser foot for a smoother glide.
  5. Use a size 80 Universal Needle.
  6. Pin with Wonder Clips or double-sided basting tape.
  7. Set the sewing machine for a longer stitch length, 3.5 mm. Shorter stitches weaken the fabric.
  8. Select all-purpose thread for both the needle and the bobbin.
  9. Use regular chalkboard chalk or Chalk Markers to write on the chalkboard fabric. (Avoid sidewalk chalk.)
  10. Cut the rectangular shapes for projects using a rotary cutter, ruler, and mat. Cut single layers, not folded fabric. as the thickness of the fabric may cause shifting during the cutting process.

Chalkboard Projects

Make message boards, easels, trays, pennants, coasters, placemats, tablecloths, runners, children’s portable chalkboards, floor mats, books, game boards . . . whew, there are LOTS of options. Here are a few examples of the 25 chalkboard projects designed by the Sewing With Nancy staff.

Felt Backed Table Runner

There’s a simple felt backing on the table runner that not only protects the table, but also eliminates the need for batting. The binding on this runner is easy to stitch with rounded corners and not miters!

10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy Zieman

Tabletop Chalkboard

Use an acrylic photo frame for a handy message board. Leave notes and gentle reminders on this portable message board.10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy Zieman

Chalkboard Trays

These handy trays wipe clean, can be personalized or labeled with chalk, plus they store flat!10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy Zieman

Chalkboard Floor Mat

This mat is for those large artistic projects. Unroll the mat on the floor and kids can draw to their heart’s content.

10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy Zieman

Instructions for 25 Chalkboard Projects

Looking for a great gift idea, you can’t lose with Charming Chalkboard Projects! There are 25 chalkboard sewing projects with all the needed instructions and featured appliqués. Short and sweet—it’s all there for you!

10 Sewing Tips for Using Chalkboard Fabric by Nancy Zieman

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