Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, First Day of Summer by Nancy Zieman

Start with a simple photograph, or collection of photographs, and give landscape quilting techniques a try. We always have great interest in Natalie’s and Nancy’s landscape-style of quilting on Sewing With Nancy. Many of you have embraced this art and have created wall quilts featuring the beauty of nature. Others have voiced an interest yet are hesitant to start. Nancy and Natalie Sewell, had a wonderful time working on Beginning Landscape Quilting. You can watch the first episode online.

Learn to Create Dark-Shaded Trees

During this three-part TV series, Natalie and Nancy take a simplified approach to landscape quilting. It’s all about trees—dark-shaded trees, light-colored trees, and snow-accented trees! You’ll learn to messy-cut, glue, shade, and finally stitch a tree—ta-dah, you’re a landscape quilter.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, inspirational photoFirst they’ll show you how to create a simple fall scene. Natalie’s quilt, October Evening, features dramatic trees and simple foliage. Instead of showing you how to make this specific design, Nancy and Natalie detail how to easily create trees with their raw-edge appliqué techniques.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, October Evening by Natalie SewellYou’ll learn that your quilting “pattern” is no more, or no less than an inspirational photo. You’re not going to create a wall quilt that looks just like the photo, only use the photo as a guide. Watch online as Nancy and Natalie give fabric guidelines and create this scene. Find more information on the techniques in the book Beginning Landscape Quilting book and DVD.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, First Day of Summer by Nancy Zieman

Natalie and Nancy enjoyed sharing their landscape quilts. Windy (19″ x 22″) by Natalie Sewell  shows how simple, yet effective a design can be.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, Windy by Natalie SewellCreate Light-Colored Trees—Birch or Aspen

When you’d like to create a landscape featuring birch or aspen trees like Natalie’s design, Old Friends, some of the same designing principles apply, along with a few new tricks. This design details how to create depth and shape, and also how to improvise when you can’t find the exact leaf fabric.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, Old Friends by Natalie SewellThis inspirational photo guided Natalie on what fabrics to choose.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, inspirational photo

Nancy took some leeway with this quilt, Blue Birches, casting a blue hue to the birch trees.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, Blue Birches by Nancy ZiemanCreate a Winter Landscape

Winter landscape scenes pose new design opportunities. River Birch Trees in Snow by Natalie, showcases the stark contrast between the snow and trees. We think you’ll be slightly surprised to learn all the fabric options when your inspiration comes from snow-covered ground.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman,River  Birches by Natalie Sewell

This photo “tells” you that very few fabrics are needed.

Landscape quilting by Natalie Sewell and Nancy Zieman, inspirational photo

Watch Beginning Landscape Quilting (Part OnePart Two, and Part Three) on Sewing With Nancy online.

Beginning Landscape Quilting Natalie Sewell & Nancy Zieman

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to dive into landscape quilting, which season would you most like to capture in landscape quilt imagery? Leave your answer in the comment section below for a chance to win a copy of the book Beginning Landscape Quilting from Nancy’s Notions. One winner will be randomly selected.

Beginning Landscape Quilting Book by Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell from TVs Sewing With Nancy

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