Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

I was recently asked what I like about the Seams Right sewing and quilting notion. I like it when I’m asked easy questions! Here’s my list.

13 Measurements—The Size of a Credit Card

We purposely designed this tool to be the size of a credit card. Why? It’s a convenient size that comfortably fits in our hand. (The credit card companies did that research for us!)

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

Within the compact size, there are six extended green tabs. These are the most common seam measurements for quick and easy reference.

  • I frequently use the 1/4″ for quilting, especially when checking the accuracy of my seam allowance. Note: When making 1/2- and 1/4-square triangles that are used within the same block, it’s imperative that the seams are exactly 1/4″; otherwise, the finished components of the block will not be the same size. For more details on creating triangles, read my blog on Create No-Hassle 1/2-Square Triangles and No-Hassle 1/4-Square Triangles. 

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

  • Hems frequently are 1″ wide. Need I say more?

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

  • It’s curious how many times a 3/8″ seam is needed. Before topstitching the zipper, a stitching line was marked. Handy!

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

Also notice the six interior measurements. I’m surprised how often I reference the 1-1/8″ measurement!

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

Then, there’s the buttonhole guide. After I determine the distance from the centerfold, I mark the starting and ending point for all the buttonholes. Presto—uniform sizes.

Seams Right sewing notion by Nancy ZiemanSeams Right sewing notion by Nancy Zieman

Why do I use the Seams Right sewing and quilting gauge? The simple answer— it’s handy!

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