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Follow along with Nancy Zieman’s 10 steps to creating a bed size Quilt To Give. You’ll find more information on the Nancy Zieman blog and on Sewing With Nancy episodes.

Quilt to Give sort fabrics Nancy Zieman

Quilt to Give: Step One—Sort Your Fabrics

This blog starts the Quilt to Give lesson plan, where you’ll be able to make a great looking quilt from your fabric stash in 10 Easy Steps. The Quilt to Give project is designed for you  to use your stash to create an attractive, easy bed-sized quilt  and then give it away to those who have suffered loss. Making … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Two—Cut strips

It’s time for the second step of the Quilt to Give, a perfect quilt to give to someone in need. Click here for a Quilt to Give Cutting Worksheet. Outer Column Strips: Each column requires four, 2-1/2″ crosswise strips. Cut the fabrics selected for the column strips into 2-1/2″ crosswise strips. Use your rotary cutter, ruler, mat, and … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Three—Stitch the Outside Columns

It’s the third step of the Quilt to Give, community quilting project. Using fabric from your stash to stitch an attractive bed-sized quilt and then giving it to those in need is a wonderful way to show love and concern for others. The best gift is always in the giving! The first step was to … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Four—Stitch the Patchy Center Columns

Welcome to the fourth step in creating a Quilt to Give. So far in this charity-quilting journey, you’ve learned the following steps: •          Sort fabric from your stash. •          Cut the columns and patchy strips. •          Stitch the outside column sections. It’s time to create the patchy center columns. During the lesson on the second … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Five—Create the Columns

It’s time for the fifth step in Quilt to Give, creating a bed-sized quilt from your stash of fabric (or combined fabric stashes of friends) with the purpose of giving it away to someone in need. After this step you’ll be at the halfway point of finishing your quilt. Step Five—Create the Columns Lay out … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Six—Piece the Quilt Top

I hope that you’re enjoying learning the process of creating this quilt—culling through your fabric stash, asking friends to join the process, cutting and stitching a quilt, and then giving it away to a local charity! Step 6—Piece the Quilt Top Measure the shortest column of the grouping. Most likely, the column lengths will not … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Seven—Audition Borders

The seventh step of creating a Quilt to Give doesn’t involve the sewing machine at all! Instead, auditioning fabric for the border or borders is the next process. Borders can make or break a quilt design. In my mind’s eye, I envision what I’m sure will be the perfect border. Nine out of 10 times—it’s not right … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Eight—Add Borders

We’re already at step eight of the 10-step process of creating a Quilt to Give. I’ve appreciated your comments about this sew along project, knowing that many of you will make a quilt later this year. Whenever you have time to make and then donate a Quilt to Give, it will be received with great … Continue Reading


Quilt to Give: Step Nine—Layer & Quilt Your Creation

We’re fast approaching the end of the Quilt to Give project. Now it’s time for the mechanics of quilting, where you have a couple of options. Several of us at my office were involved with the making of the quilt. My original thought was to tie the layers together, using an old-fashioned, portable, quilting frame … Continue Reading

Quilt to Give

Quilt to Give: Step Ten—Binding and Labeling

This is it, the final step of creating the Quilt to Give. Bind your creation and add a label, then you’ll be ready to give it away. Now for the final step: Bind and Label Your Quilt Note: Samples for the binding steps were made from contrasting fabrics. The photos are not from a completed quilt. … Continue Reading

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