Copy Cat Patterns by Nancy Zieman

Have you ever received a copy of a recipe from a famous restaurant? Or, copied portions of the design or layout, let’s say, of your neighbor’s deck?—I have!

Frequently I’ve been asked by viewers how they could copy all or a part of their favorite jacket or skirt—they’d like to make another version, perhaps, this time with the end result of a better fit. In this second episode of this two-part series on Copy Cat Patterns, I’ll show you how to start with a ready-made garment that you own and create a pattern. The jacket featured above is one of my favorites—it’s a little short for me, but then most clothes that I buy are on the short side. During this episode, I’ll show you how to copy, plus tweak the fit!

Copy Cat Patterns by Nancy Zieman

Copying a ready-made garment has the drawback of working with a shaped garment. It’s a process that’s tricky to photograph—better viewed. So, please watch online at, the DVD, or on Public TV.

Copy Cat Pattern by Nancy Zieman

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You’ll find the step-by-step instructions in the Copy Cat Patterns Book that accompanies this two-part series.

Copy Cat Patterns by Nancy Zieman

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