Upcycled Shirts Sewing With Nancy Zieman

The first time hearing a new catchword, I often find myself pondering it’s meaning. When running across the word Upcycling, I knew in a flash what it meant—reworking—refashioning old materials. My closet is filled with old fashions. With a touch of ingenuity, you can bring new life to an older shirt. Donna Fenske, Sewing With Nancy team member, was my guest during this 2-part series. This week, the second episode is the Sewing With Nancy online featured video

Refashioned Pullover

Here’s a preview of one of the recycling options that you’ll learn from this online episode. It’s called the Refashioned Pullover—the back is switched to the front and vice versa to create an upcycled pullover.

Upcycled Shirts Sewing With Nancy Zieman

  • Divide the shirt into upper/lower sections.
  • Cut 1″ strips from the middle sections, which are used for the waistline ties.
  • Reattach front to back.

Upcycled Shirts Sewing With Nancy Zieman

There’s more to watch online!


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More ideas inside!

The book/DVD that accompany the TV series, Upcycled Shirts, gives all the details and instructions on easy shirt makeovers, seven shirt makeovers in all.

Upcycled Shirts Nancy Zieman

Thanks to guest Donna Fenske for her sewing expertise!

Donna Fenske & Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

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