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Reclaim older fashions with upcycling techniques. Donna Fenske, a Sewing With Nancy team member and designer, was my guest to explain how to use trims and fabric pieces to refashion what’s already in your closet. Upcycled Shirts is this weeks featured online video at

The focus on the first episode of this series begins with the Take-Two Shirt. What was once a standard tailored blouse get’s a second life with added trims, including zippers. It’s an easy makeover that requires just an hour of time.

Quick Upcycling Idea

  • Upcycling is easy to do with a few basic creative cutting and trimming techniques. I’m sure there is a shirt in your closet just waiting for this next renovation.

  • Ribbon trim is easy to add!
  • Cover the placket with extra wide ribbon.
  • A narrow strip of ribbon goes a long way!

Ta da!

Watch Upcycled Shirts online or on Public TV. Also learn how to make a Frequent-Wearer Upgrade and Reshape a Shirt with Style during this first program of this 2-part series.

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More ideas in the book!

The book/DVD that accompany the TV series, Upcycled Shirts, gives all the details and instructions on easy shirt makeovers. If you have shirts or blouses that are hanging in the back of your closet, give them a second chance with a few creative makeovers. (Wait until you see our ideas for using Make A Zipper!)

Thanks to Donna for her creative ideas!

Nancy's Giveaway Winner

The random winner of the Trace ‘n Create Grandmother’s One-Patch Quilt Template Collection from Clover, is Pat Galas. Her comment was: I am a new quilter. I watch your show when it is on TV and I enjoy it very much. This grandma’s quilt looks like something I could start with. I have purchased the fabric and it would be nice to win a template.

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