Expressive sweatshirts

Sewing and quilting terms—when you take time to stop and think about some of them, they’re really offbeat. Just try explaining Stitching in the Ditch to a non-sewist. Or, watch the expression on the face of a non-quilter when they hear the term Fat Quarter. That may be the expression on some faces when I write about a Jelly Roll Makeover.

This week’s featured Sewing With Nancy online video is Expressive Sweatshirts. Mary Mulari is my guest and we begin the first program of the 2-part series with her Stripes in Motion Sweatshirt.

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Taking the challenge of utilizing a Jelly Roll Collection, rolled up coordinating 2-1/2″ precut strips of fabric, Mary shows us how to use the accurately and decoratively cut strips as a sweatshirt makeover. Can you see the tiny pinked edges on the jelly roll strips?

Jelly Roll FabricThe other key component is a black sweatshirt. It’s not too difficult to find, and it’s the perfect palette for this sweatshirtYou’ll begin the makeover by converting the pullover into a cardigan. Mary has fine-tuned that process.

Expressive Sweatshirts

Then, appliqué tubes made from two jelly rolls to the front of the sweatshirt. You’ll find details on the show and in the book.

Expressive Sweatshirts

Watch this episode on your local PBS stationonline, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Have you downloaded the app?

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There are four other makeovers featured during this first episode. You’ll find the instructions for all makeovers in the book, Expressive Sweatshirts. The Sewing With Nancy team really knows how to present sewing and quilting instructions. Pat Hahn, Laure Noe, and Diane Dhein make me look good, giving you our signature clear instructions with precise illustrations. What would I do without them!

expressive sweatshirts by mary mulari and nancy zieman

Would you like the chance to win a copy of Expressive Sweatshirts, featuring 10 makeovers?

Nancy's GiveawayWhich of the four creative sweatshirts would you create? (You will find the other three options when you watch online or on PBS!) Post your comment and we’ll choose a random winner Saturday, May 5th.

Many thanks to Mary Mulari for her seemingly endless creative ideas!

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