In celebration of the first significant snowfall of the year, which is falling in the upper Midwest, it’s a pleasant coincidence that the second part of Fast and Fleecy Accessories is the newest Sewing With Nancy program. (Watch online, on DVD, or on your PBS station). Made without traditional sewing patterns, the accessories that I detail in the TV series are simple, yet very practical, you could easily say fun!

When you tune in to the show you’ll find the first project featured is a comfy scarf with muff-like pockets. Start with less than a yard of fleece fabric. Then, add a touch of creativity. You’ll be amazed how easy this is to sew!

Fast and Fleecy Accessories

For a quick, yet totally warm coverup, choose your favorite fleece fabric and follow these sewing steps to create a snuggly cape. Two yards of fabric cut into three rectangles, plus an hour or so of sewing will make this next fabulous accessory.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories

Small pieces of fleece fabric are ideal for the quickest of all fleece accessories—texting gloves. There are really only three steps: cut, stitch, and turn! (My guess is that you can sew this fleecy project in 20 minutes or less!)

There are more ideas, but you’ll just have to watch the show to find out what they are!  Remember, if you have an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone you can download the Sewing With Nancy app and watch on your hand-held device. How exciting is that!

All of the Fast and Fleecy Accessories featured in the 2-part series are detailed in the book/DVD combo. It’s a handy reference!

Watch Sewing With Nancy online or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. (Download the Sewing With Nancy app.)

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