This week you can watch another brand new program in the fall lineup of Sewing With Nancy. It’s the second program of the 3-part series, Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares. Learn to sew modern projects that take one or maybe two hours—no longer—to create.

Hold-it Sacks

The Hold-it Sacks are my first sew-simple projects for this episode. Prop up your cell phone or electronic tablet in the cradle area of a Hold-it Sack. Made from laminated fabric, they’re ideal to use throughout your home or office. The unique finished shapes appear as if they were made from complicated patterns, but not these gadget holders. They’re all made from rectangular shapes.

Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares by Nancy Zieman

Mini Fabric Sacks

Toss them in a game or use them to hold down pattern pieces, these mini sacks can be both fun and functional. You can easily make three mini sacks in an hour or less.

Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares by Nancy Zieman

Fabric Bins

Don’t settle for tan or black bins for your shelf, customize fabric bins to accent your home décor by selecting coordinating fabrics. Make from, you guessed it, rectangle and square fabric pieces. The sewing is enjoyable and the end result is as fresh in appearance as it is useful. Grommets serve as both handles and a focal point.

Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares by Nancy Zieman

Wall Pockets

What’s good for the shelf is good for the wall! With a little tweaking of the instructions, fabric bins turn into wall pockets that provide organization and style to any home or work office.

Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares by Nancy Zieman

Watch Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares (Part OnePart Two, and Part Three) on Sewing With Nancy.

Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares on Sewing With Nancy with host Nancy Ziema

Sewing With Nancy on Public TV

We have the great fortune of having Sewing With Nancy air on 91% of all Public TV markets. Your local PBS programmer determines when the new season will begin. Often, the new programming begins later on TV.  Check your local Public TV and/or Create TV listing for the new season, which begins with Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares.

12 Complete Projects in Sew Simple with Rectangles & Squares

Sew Simple with Rectangles and Squares, a new 3-part Sewing With Nancy series

Fabrics by Riley Blake Designs

A special thank you to Riley Blake Designs for providing the fabrics for this program. Look for fabrics by Riley Blake Designs at your favorite retailer.

riley blake designs

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