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Day two of Sew-A-Scarf Week features a design by Donna Fenske of Nancy’s Notions. Donna’s unique approach for using a Yo-Yo Maker results in a drapable, elegant scarf or wrap.  Usually a Yo-Yo-Maker is used to create individual embellishments. This time the small flower style Yo-Yo Maker is the key product to use for creating the smocking on a large piece of fabric.

Yo Yo Maker Nancy Zieman blog

Use an 18″ crosswise strip of interlock knit and position the Yo-Yo Maker within the fabric. All the details are featured in the video.

It’s a hand sewing project with the edges finished using a decorative rotary blade. You can easily make this attractive scarf/wrap while listening to TV.

Sew a Scarf by Nancy Zieman

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sensational scarves by nancy zieman

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Sew a Scarf Week Nancy Zieman

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Sensational Scarves Nancy Zieman

Tomorrow, watch for another scarf inspiration.

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PS: If you see a few darker spots on the Yo-Yo Smocked Scarf, they’re rain drops! It’s been raining the last three days and we didn’t plan ahead.

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