Breaking News! Watch the newly released trailer for Nancy Zieman: Extraordinary Grace on the PBS Wisconsin Facebook Page, on The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show Facebook Page, and on the PBS Wisconsin YouTube Channel. PBS Wisconsin and Team NZP are excited to be able to share the announcement of this special documentary with you – our Sewing With Nancy Friends and Viewers!

Last June, the talented team at PBS Wisconsin began filming the Nancy Zieman: Extraordinary Grace Television Special. Nancy Zieman Productions and the Zieman Family are humbled and grateful for this amazing tribute – currently in production by our friends at PBS Wisconsin. Nancy Zieman: Extraordinary Grace will begin airing on Public Television in late 2020. Subscribe to NZP’s E-mail Updates and be one of the first to hear about our new projects, events, and Breaking News! – including updates about Nancy Zieman: Extraordinary Grace.

Watch Sewing With Nancy Zieman on PBS Public Television

Just announced this week! Nancy Zieman is among four being inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) Hall of Fame.

Nancy touched many lives during her long career as producer and host of Sewing With Nancy. Millions of viewers have learned to sew, and continue to learn how to sew, while watching the inimitable Nancy Zieman on Public Television. Sewing With Nancy airs on 89% to 92% of all television market across America.

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (WBA) Hall of Fame was created in 1989 to honor broadcasters that have devoted a minimum of 15 years to the broadcasting industry including a minimum of 10 years as a Wisconsin broadcaster. The award recognizes an individual’s history of exemplary leadership in community and statewide service as a broadcast professional.

The Hall of Fame display resides at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. The Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame also has a permanent, virtual display at the online Wisconsin Museum of Broadcasting which debuted in 2009 at


Five Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman

In August, we’ll began celebrating 38 years of Sewing With Nancy! Congratulations to the entire Sewing With Nancy Crew! And a big thank you to all of you – Nancy’s dedicated viewers!

Back in 1982 when the first Sewing With Nancy show aired, never did Nancy dream; #1,  that she would record over 37 years of television, and #2 that the show would be available on multiple channels and across the internet including on YouTube, Create TV, Public Television, and online at

In these often difficult times, we’re honored to carry on Nancy’s legacy and provide a positive force of inspiration and comfort – through Nancy’s life work, and through Sewing With Nancy.

 Watch Sewing With Nancy at 8 a.m. CT Tuesdays and Saturdays on The PBS Wisconsin and The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show Facebook Pages

NEW! This week, PBS Wisconsin will begin running The Best of Sewing With Nancy episodes in consecutive order, on both the PBS Wisconsin Facebook Page and on The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show Facebook Page, at 8 a.m. each Tuesday and Saturday. Beginning today, Saturday, May 1, 2020, the episodes will run as “premieres” on the PBS Wisconsin Facebook Page . Viewers who are online at 8:00 a.m. C.T. on Tuesday and Saturday can watch and chat along with each other. And, The Best of Sewing With Nancy episodes will then remain available for on-demand viewing, too.


Did you know there are Five Additional Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy?

Watch Sewing With Nancy on YouTube

Watch full episodes of Sewing with Nancy on the official Sewing With Nancy YouTube Channel. Subscribe to the Sewing With Nancy YouTube Channel at

Watch Sewing With Nancy on the Official Sewing With Nancy YouTube Channel

Watch Sewing With Nancy on Create TV

Create TV is airing The Best of Sewing With Nancy Series. To find a Create TV station (and schedule) near you, visit

Five Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman

Watch Sewing With Nancy Nationwide on Create TV

Watch Sewing With Nancy on Your Local Public Television Station

The Best of Sewing With Nancy, TV’s longest-running sewing program with host, Nancy Zieman, continues the tradition of bringing the best of contemporary sewing, quilting, and embroidering ideas to public television viewers. Watch on a Public Television Station near you.

Five Ways to Watch Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman Host and Producer of Sewing With Nancy on Public Television

Watch Sewing With Nancy On Your Computer

You can easily watch The Best of Sewing With Nancy online with your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Simply go to and watch full seasons or search for episodes. Nine seasons are available to binge-watch at your convenience!

The Best of Sewing With Nancy TV Show hosted by Nancy Zieman

 Watchg Sewing With Nancy Online at

Watch Sewing With Nancy On Your Mobile Device

Sewing With Nancy App for iPhone and iPad

Did you know you can watch Sewing With Nancy on your mobile device? Use the PBS app, available for Apple iPhone, iPad, tablet, Roku, Apple TV, other Digital TV devices and many Smart TVs! The app is free; all you need is an internet connection with Wi-Fi to watch the latest episodes. The videos have been specially built for the screen you’re watching on; we hope you think they look terrific. Download Apple’s iOS app. Please give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

Sewing With Nancy App for iPhone and iPad

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