Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Nancy would sometimes say she was Entertainment Challenged. When casual conversation topics turned to the latest movies or escapades of Hollywood Stars, she would kiddingly say she was generally clueless. If you’re wondering why movies are being brought up in a sewing & quilting blog, there’s a slight connection. 

One of the movies Nancy enjoyed was Eat—Pray—Love, starring Julia Roberts. She enjoyed watching Julia in movies, but Julia’s usual light-up–a-room smile was somewhat missed on a depressed character. Instead of traveling halfway around the world to find happiness, Nancy kept thinking, “This character needs a hobby—people who create are some of the happiest people I know!”

Nancy imagined if Julia’s character learned, let’s say, how to sew – a totally different movie could have been filmed. How about Sew—Cook—Laugh! In fact, Mary Mulari and Nancy wrote what could become the screenplay inspiration. (We certainly hope someone in Hollywood is reading this blog :-) )

In past years, Nancy and Mary had presented their little comedy routine, guaranteed to get rid of the blues to sold-out audiences at major sewing/quilting events. They called it Kick It Up a Stitch!

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

At their last performance of Kick It Up a Stitch! the antics were recorded as a Public TV pledge special. Perhaps some of you watched the hour and a half special on your local PBS channel. If not, you can now order the Kick It Up a Stitch! DVD and watch Nancy and Mary—slightly out of character—making a whole lot of silly! The Kick It Up a Stitch! DVD is now available at

As a summary, Mary and Nancy do a little sewing. Then, they “kick it up a stitch”, showing the same project in a much more, ahem, glamorous way. Then, they add a little cooking to the mix.

It all starts with a menu—five sewing techniques, then five recipes.  Are you wondering what the Egg-cellent Table Toppings are all about? (You’ll just have to watch the TV special or the DVD to find out!)

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Here are a few of the Kick It Up a Stitch! program highlights:

  •  Learn valuable techniques such as printing your own vegetable-inspired fabric pieces. You’ll never look at celery the same way again after viewing this DVD!

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

  • See how a rotary cutter and cutting mat have equally as many uses in the kitchen as the sewing room.
  • Plus, be entertained by the Sewing With Nancy bandYES! Nancy had her very own band!

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari

 A Public Television broadcaster, in Oklahoma, sent Nancy the following note in an email:

You guys knocked it outta the park with the cooking show! Great production, excellent audience reactions, wonderful pace and funny. Congratulations to you, Mary and all the cast (the band) and crew for a job well done!

Watch Kick It Up A Stitch! Online at

So, if you’d like to watch the Lucy & Ethel version of sewing and cooking, watch Kick It Up a Stitch! online at

Or, pick up the Kick It Up a Stitch DVD now available at!

Kick it up a Stitch Nancy Zieman Mary Mulari



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Nancy Zieman on the Set of Sewing With Nancy at Wisconsin Public Television
The Beaver Dam Wis. Area Chamber of Commerce announces Nancy Zieman as the recipient of the Inaugural Legacy Citizen Award on January 22, 2020. Nancy Zieman, host and producer of the Sewing with Nancy TV show on Public Television is the recipient of the first-ever Legacy Citizen Award presented by The Beaver Dam, Wis. Area Chamber of Commerce.
In November 2017, we lost our dear friend Nancy. We remember her strength and perseverance today, and everyday. The Luedtke-Zieman family and the Nancy Zieman Productions Team is honored and pleased to share news of how Nancy’s hometown is honoring her legacy and community impact with the The Beaver Dam Wis. Area Chamber of Commerce Inaugural Legacy Citizen Award.


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