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Sewing a jacket once meant using hair canvas interfacing and hand pad stitching to create a tailored look. But not any longer! Learn from one of my favorite tailoring gurus, Pati Palmer, how to use fusible interfacings while creating a fabulous looking jacket. Famous for her 8-hour blazer pattern, Pati joins me on a 2-part Sewing With Nancy series, Jackets for Real People. Watch online or on PBS!

Many talented sewists balk at the thought of making a jacket—they think it is just too hard! Well, think again. You’ll learn Pati’s favorite tailoring-made-easy techniques in this series. Once you’ve tailored a jacket, all your sewing will improve! Why? You’ll learn tips and techniques that will apply to a variety of sewing skill sets. Honest!

McCalls 6172

McCall's 6172

What I learned from Pati

When I have a guest on Sewing With Nancy, I get to learn from the “best of the best.” Pati Palmer is a master at teaching quality sewing techniques, and getting a personal lesson from her was a learning adventure. After our planning and taping days with Pati, my staff and I couldn’t help but comment on what we learned. Here are my three Take Aways from my time with Pati.

  1. Before fusing the interfacing to the cut-out pattern piece, lay the actual pattern piece over the fabric/interfacing to make certain that the fabric is still positioned straight. Fabric easily shifts and if the interfacing is fused in this shifted position the finished jacket may not hang properly. Why didn’t I think of that?
  2. Lay out the fabric on a cardboard cutting board. Position and pin the pattern to the fabric, poking the pins through the cardboard at the corners. What a timesaver of a tip!
  3. Mark the neckline seam on the fabric after fusing on the interfacing. You’ll have a line to follow when stitching this all important area of the jacket.

No Photos!

I purposely didn’t take photos of these steps since you are able to watch this program (plus 51 other shows) online or on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. You’ll learn so much from watching Pati demonstrate these and many other tailoring tips. Watch  this episode on your local PBS stationonline, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. By the way, the new Sewing With Nancy app is very popular. Have you downloaded the app?

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The Book and the Video

Jackets for Real People is the basis for the 2-part series that Pati and I presented on Sewing With Nancy. I know that you’ll be as impressed as I was to read a step, sew that step, then read again. The instructions are superb!

Jackets for Real People by Pati Palmer

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