The term boutique congers up the thought of a trendy store with impressive prices. Add the word serger to boutique and change your vision to trendy styles made with ease using a serger, overlock machine. Serger expert Barbara Goldkorn is my guest  on  Sewing With Nancy, this week’s featured online videoSerger Boutique Part Two. Here are the featured projects in this week’s Sewing With Nancy feature.

Woven Fab Finish

How to use your serger sewing machine Nancy Zieman

Weaving strips of fabric together is nothing new in the sewing world, but adding a fabulous finish to the strips prior to weaving earns this technique a place of honor in our Serger Boutique mini-series. Coined the Woven Fab Finish, this technique can be used for home décor, accessories, and wearable art.

Ruffled to a Tee

How to use your serger sewing machine Nancy Zieman

Begin with a purchased child’s T-shirt and coordinating fabric, then turn that boring tee into a boutique-style dress using your serger to gather and finish the edges of ruffles. It’s an easy serger project that we called Ruffled to a Tee.

Vintage Inspired Serging

How to use your serger sewing machine Nancy Zieman

Our next stop on the Serger Boutique tour is to create a romantic cottage pillow. Vintage inspired, you’ll use your serger to add ruffles and trim, and to create pintucks, which are the focus of this serger boutique lesson.

 Eclectic Serging

How to use your serger sewing machine Nancy Zieman

Combine a basic 4-thread stitch with an innovative binding and you’ll have an eclectic mix. Barbara’s trendy table runner showcases unique fabrics and techniques. That’s why we call it Eclectic Serging.

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Nancy Zieman and Barbara Goldkorn


There’s a Great Serger Book Too!

Barbara and I collaborated to write  Serger Boutique. You’ll find nine boutique style projects. (Note: Your serger must be able to serge a cover stitch.)

serger boutique Nancy Zieman Barbara Goldkorn

Many thanks to Barbara Goldkorn for her creative ideas!

How to use your serger Nancy Zieman Barbara Goldkorn

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