How to use a serger Nancy Zieman Pam MahshieIt’s time for serging, or more specifically, serger confessions! Do you mainly use your serger for overcasting raveling edges? If you’re grimacing while admitting you don’t take advantage of your serger’s stitches, it’s time to take a Serger Workshop.

Pam Mahshie, Baby Lock’s Educational Ambassador, is a serger workshop expert. Since most of us can’t attend one of her hands-on classes, we decided to bring the workshop to you. Together, Pam and I start at square one, reviewing the parts of a serger and then showing you how to stitch basic stitches.

How to use a serger Nancy Zieman Pam Mahshie

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Serger Workshop Workbook

As a companion to this 3-part episode, we developed a workbook so that you can attach your samples to the laminated pages for reference. It’s a great learning tool.

How to use a serger Nancy Zieman Pam Mahshie

The following stitches are featured in this first episode:

  • 4-thread Overlock Basics
  • 4-thread Overlock Extras
  • 3-thread Overlock Basics

Serger Workshop Nancy Zieman and Pam Mahshie

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Do you have any serger questions?

If you do, why not post a comment. I just might devote a blog to answering serger questions.

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