How to sew handbags and totes Nancy Zieman

From comments on my blog site, I know that sewing bags and totes is one of the most searched topics. Just like you, I like to create bags and totes too. The roomy Hobo Tote style is my current favorite. Often designed with interior seams, this tote is an ideal palette to showcase a casual, coordinated fabric collection. Or, a tote can look classic by adding tailored touches and using a sophisticated color combo.

My Sewing With Nancy program, Hobo Totes – Casual to Classic, is the online video feature this week. I began with the Trace ‘n Create Template—Hobo Tote Collection. It’s a template set with just two pieces, but what great options those two templates give you! You’ll see eight options shown in the blog. Vote for your favorite; see details below.

how to sew handbags and totes Nancy Zieman

When I originally designed the template, I simply used the template as is, using the four sections of the template (great for fat quarters), two-fabrics, or one feature fabric.

Four-Section Design—Option #1

Creative sewing tips for handbags and totes

Two-Fabric Design—Option #2

Creative sewing tips for handbags and totes

One-Fabric Design—Option #3

Creative sewing tips for handbags and totes


But There’s More!

First, the Quick-Change Hobo Tote—Option #4

Now, learn how to accessorize this template or your favorite tote or bag pattern. Classic colors and the addition of belt loops make this version of the Hobo Tote very adaptable. A modified belt takes center stage in this version. The look can easily change in seconds by replacing the belt with a scarf. In the video or in the book you’ll learn this quick-change idea.

Creative Sewing Tips for Handbags and Totes Nancy Zieman

Scarves Are Not Only for Necklines—Option #5

When the spirit moves you, change out the belt with a coordinating scarf!

How to sew handbags and totes Nancy Zieman


Next, Stitch a Quilted Cotton Hobo Tote—Option #6

This tote is equally laid back and trendy. Using a reversible, quilted cotton fabric, create a tote that measures up to the popular ready-made brands. Using reversible fabric, the lining of your tote is omitted, making this a speedy tote to stitch. The inside details are fun to create. I’ll show you how online or read about it, too!

How to sew Handbags and Totes Nancy ZiemanHUGG Tote—Option #7

If you’re sporting a pair of the ever so popular sheepskin boots, complete the look with a HUGG Tote! The fabric looks like sheepskin, but it’s faux sheepskin and soft like a hug. Hence the name HUGG Tote. Using many of the same sewing techniques from the Cotton Quilted Hobo Tote, make your own sheepskin tote, in two evenings of time.

How to sew Handbags and Totes Nancy Zieman

Shirt Off My Back Tote—Option #8

When you get tired of wearing a shirt, carry it instead—Hobo Tote style.  Since most Hobo patterns make large totes, a size medium or larger shirt is the perfect fabric choice. Incorporate shirt details in the tote for the look of a well-seasoned drifter.

How to sew Handbags and Totes Nancy Zieman

Book and Template Combo

If you’d like to receive all the instructions and the template, Nancy’s Notions has paired them together. Or, you can buy a starter pack, or just the book! There are lots of choices.

Trace 'n Create Template Hobo Tote and book Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway

Which is your favorite Hobo Toto option? Leave your vote below. A random winner will receive a Trace ‘n Create Template–Hobo Tote Collection.

Trace 'n Create Template Hobo Tote Collection nancy Zieman

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