Irises in My Garden Landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanI’ve been smitten by the “Landscape Quilting Bug” since meeting my mentor and quilting buddy Natalie Sewell. When I have a chance to sew or quilt for fun, I always turn to landscape quilting.

The attraction to landscape quilting, no doubt, stems from my hobbies of flower gardening, taking nature photos, and of course sewing and quilting. Perhaps my working with sewing and quilting is more than a hobby. What do you think?

This week before heading to my office, I took a few photos of the irises in my gardens. Irises are my favorite flower. That is until the next week when something else blooms forth!

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanHow to make a landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanHow to make a landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanHow to make a landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanHow to create an easy landscape quilt

Using photos as inspiration, you can create a scene with irises by either using a printed fabric featuring the flower or cutting a similar shape from a batik.

The easiest way to create iris flowers

This quilt is entitled, Irises at the Pond. I created it several years ago, and enjoy the scene no matter the time of year.

Irises in My Garden Landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

  • Find a floral fabric print. Also choose one or two green batik fabrics for the leaves. Usually the fabric print is like wall paper—the blooms are the feature without the needed leaves or stems.
  • The print that I am featuring has been in my fabric stash for years and isn’t currently available. I’m sure you can find something similar.

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

  • Cut the batik fabrics in leaf shapes.
  • Using a paper glue stick, position the appliqués on a background fabric. (A dramatic hand-dyed background fabric can be your greatest ally. Fabric hand dyed by Wendy Richardson.)

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

  • Shade the stem and leaves to give the flower shape. As you can see, it isn’t difficult to do.

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

This tip just shows you the elementary steps. For further information, Natalie and I give detailed instructions in both the Landscape Quilting Workbook and The Art of Landscape Quilting.

Create irises from a batik fabric

Irises in My Garden (40″ x 34″) isn’t a true depiction of actual flowers, they’re more abstract. Yet, there’s no doubt that the featured blooms are irises. If you can’t find a fabric print featuring the flower of choice, try free-form cutting.

  • Choose a batik with many shades.
  • After studying a photo of the bloom, cut two shapes: an upper and lower section.
  • Cut buds in tear drop shapes.
  • It may be necessary to cut a few shapes before arriving at the best design.

How to make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

More on landscape quilting!

Natalie Sewell and I have co-authored several books on landscape quilting. Landscape Quilting Workbook details 12 unique design processes. Design along with us, and create 6″ x 8″ mini quilts! It’s a great way to learn the process. Landscape Quilting workbook Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell The Art of Landscape Quilting is a technique book that details the step-by step process and photos of our quilts. It’s also a great coffee table book. The art of landscape quilting by Nancy Zieman and Natalie SewellGreetings from Lucas, my photo stylist.

How to Make a landscape quilt Nancy Zieman

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