how to design a winter landscape quilt Nancy ZiemanLiving in the upper midwest, whenever we get our first measurable snowfall, I grab my camera and take inspirational scenes for future landscape quilt projects. Very few of the scenes end up as part of actual landscape quilts, so far, only four for me. Since I have these wall quilts now hanging in my house, I thought I’d share them with you.

January in My Backyard

I created this landscape 10 years ago. I’ve learned a lot of landscaping tricks from my quilting buddy, Natalie Sewell, since I made this, yet it’s my favorite winter scene. There isn’t any painting on the fabric, just raw edge appliqué. It’s rustic, but fun, and hangs above our fireplace during the winter season.

Blue Birches

How to sew a landscape quilt nancy zieman

I gave this landscape quilt to my friend, Deanna. It’s really straighter than the photo shows! There were only 3–4 fabrics used in the scene. The key was choosing the right hand-dyed fabrics. To learn more of the process I used in this quilt, visit this previous blog posting.

Chance of Flurries

How to sew a landscape quilt nancy zieman

The background fabric and tree fabric are one and the same. I chose an ombre fabric that gradated from cream to black (it’s since a discontinued fabric—sorry).  It’s a moody scene much like the skies before the snow starts falling.

Moon Lit Birches

how to sew landscape quilts nancy zieman

A greeting card was the inspiration for this landscape quilt. At first I wondered how I’d create the shadows, using a mottled gray fabric provided the solution. Snow scenes are some of the easiest landscape quilting projects to create since there is high contrast.

Future Landscape Quilt Project Inspirations

When you look at these photos, notice the blue cast in the top image and the brown cast in the other two photos. Winter is more than black and white!

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

How You Can Create Landscape Quilts

My quilting buddy Natalie Sewell and I have written numerous books on landscape quilting and have presented the book topics on Sewing With Nancy many times. You can watch the 3-part series on Landscape Quilting Workshop online.

The process is like paint-by-number! We show it to you in picture form in the Landscape Quilting Workbook. Here’s a teaser of the process.

  • Step one: Choose the fabrics.

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

  • Step two: “Messy” cut the background. Draw in trees.

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

  • Step three: Shade the trees with silver and black Sharpies.

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

  • Step four: Add tree limbs and branches.

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

  • Step five: Learn how to stipple, we make it simple. Then, frame your artwork in a 5″ x 7″ frame!

how to sew landscape quilts Nancy Zieman

You can find 12 other quilting lessons in Landscape Quilting Workbook

Landscape Quilting Workshop with Nancy Zieman

What landscape scene would you like to create?

I’m always interested in knowing what landscape scene you’d like to design. It could be a virtual quilt or an actual quilt. I do a lot of virtual sewing and quilting. There isn’t always enough time to actually make everything I’d like to, so day dreaming about it is fun too!

Another book on landscape quilting,

The Art of Landscape Quilting, a 144 page book, is available in the following formats. Click on the links: book or Kindle e-bookother e-books, or digital (PDF file).

The Art of Landscape Quilting by nancy zieman and natalie sewell

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