Circles So Simple Sewing Notion Nancy ZiemanSewing in circles may conjure less than positive images in your mind, but not to worry! Learn how to sew circles around past methods of making circular appliqué shapes in this week’s Sewing With Nancy video feature, Circles Sew Simple, click to watch online. Learn how to create perfect circle appliqués, satin-stitched circles, and circle-based quilting projects during this half-hour online video.

Donna Fenske, Sewing With Nancy designer joins me on TV, for the Circles Sew Simple episode.

Nancy Zieman and Donna Fenske Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew SimpleAppliquéd Circles

This 13″ x 35″ table runner features the basics of circle stitching. Satin stitched and appliquéd circle accents are the ideal point to begin. What a great project to practice and perfect your perfect circles. All the instructions and the tool are included in the Circles Sew Simple book and tool set.

Supplies List

Circles Sew Simple Tool

1/2 yd. light blue cotton quilting background fabric

1/4 yd. purple cotton quilting fabric for large circles

1/8 yd. medium-blue cotton quilting fabric for medium circles

1/8 yd. dark-blue cotton quilting fabric for small circles

3/4 yd. green cotton quilting fabric for half-circles border

1/2 yd. flannel backing

3/8 yd. Fusible Easy Knit Interfacing

Prep the fabrics as detailed in the Circles Sew Simple book. The book’s included with the tool!

Here’s the Circles Sew Simple Tool!

The Circles Sew Simple Tool easily attaches to your machine with double-sided tape—included with the tool!

  • Stitch perfectly symmetrical circles with this unique tool.
  • Create straight stitched, satin stitched, or appliquéd circles in 26 sizes: circles range in diameter from 2″–27″.
  • The tool includes the Circle Gauge Base, Cross Bar Attachment, Tack and Guard in two sizes, double-sided tape, and Circles Sew Simple book with step-by-step instructions for attaching and using the tool, plus 6 projects.

Circles So Simple Sewing Notion Nancy Zieman

  • Back fabrics with interfacing and mark center circle placement on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Position table runner background fabric over Tack point at center circle marking.
  • Position appliqué fabric over Tack point. Cover Tack with Guard. Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple
  • Thread machine with rayon thread and set machine for a straight stitch; stitch circle. Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple
  • Trim close to stitching line.  Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple
  • Change machine settings for a satin stitch. Stitch with the satin stitch to cover the straight stitching. Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple
  • Stitch open circles using the same method—just leave out the appliqué fabric. Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple
  • Repeat the process until you’ve created all the circles you desire.

  • Learn how to create the half-circles for the border and finish the table runner following the instructions included in the Circles Sew Simple book.

Also in this week’s online video featureCircles Sew Simple, you’ll learn how to make the Crazy for Circles Quilt. Incorporate appliquéd circles and a quilt-as-you-go technique to make super-sized blocks for a bed quilt. Designed by Donna, this queen-sized quilt features 13 fabric coordinates and gives you permission to go crazy for circles!

Circles So Simple Sewing Notion Nancy Zieman

Quilt a Scrappy Orange Peel vintage-inspired pattern with an updated twist. What’s different? Circles are stitched to perfection with the Circles Sew Simple Tool. We’ll show you how to create a circle envelope that uniquely transforms into a reversible quilt.

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Circles Sew Simple Scrappy Orange Peel Quilt

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway

For a chance to win a Circles Sew Simple book and tool set, leave a comment below about your next circle project.

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway Winner

From my blog, How Did You Learn to Sew, I did a giveaway of two books, Seams Unlikely and Nancy Zieman’s Sewing A to Z. Our request was that the Sewing A to Z book be given to someone you know who would like to learn to sew or quilt. Each one teach one! The random winner is Corrine K. Schlomer. I also started sewing through 4-H. However, in my teen’s I sewed with my mom during the summers and that’s when the sewing bug bit me! We lived on a farm and I helped my mom prepare meals to feed the “men”. We developed a unique system of one cooking the noon meal while the other got to sew. Then we’d trade jobs and the morning seamstress did the dishes while the noon cook got to sew! For the supper meal we would flip jobs. We created a good share of our clothing in this way. I have wonderful memories of those days spent with my mom in her fabulous sewing room in the basement. (I still feel an urgency to ramp up my sewing during the summer!) Later when I started my teaching career, my mom told me about this sewing show on PBS called Sewing With Nancy and I continued to learn! My family teases me about watching your show—guess I’m a bit of a fanatic—but both of my children (now grown) know exactly who Nancy Zieman is! I’ve sewn all of my life and it’s still one of my favorite pastimes. It was probably the greatest gift my mom ever gave me.

Updated to add: Nancy Zieman’s Sewing from A to Z is now out of print. Please see the updated new version, The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew by Nancy Zieman, for a comparable replacement.

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