expressive sweatshirtsExpressive—our world is filled with people who love to express their views and options via the media. Most days I want to turn down the volume! Yet, there’s a way to be expressive in a quiet sort of way. Instead of the platform being the Internet, TV, or talk radio, it’s of all things, a sweatshirt! With needle, thread, and fabric my guest Mary Mulari has created ways to showcase personality through sewing—specifically expressive sweatshirts. The second episode of Expressive Sweatshirts is the featured Sewing With Nancy online video this week. I hope you’ll take time to watch it on PBS or online.

During the 2-part series, Mary details 10 sweatshirt makeovers! (Did you watch the first episode that I featured in last week’s blog?) This week’s feature is the Calico Country Sweatshirt—a sweatshirt/shirt combo*.

Makeover Highlights—Calico Cupboard Sweatshirt

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

All of the step-by-step details are featured in Mary’s book by the same name, Expressive Sweatshirts. To show you how easy it is to make this transformation, here are the makeover highlights:

  • Remove the ribbing from both the neckline and hemline. Be sure to follow Mary’s staystitching tips.
  • Try on the sweatshirt inside out. Have a sewing buddy pin in shaping along the side seams. Most sweatshirts are just too big and sloppy!

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

  • Make a facing for the neckline. This step is easy and the removed ribbing is the ideal facing fabric.
  • Try on the shirt with the sweatshirt on top. Pin the shirt collar to the neckline area.
  • Join the shirt section to the sweatshirt neckline, only in the back area.

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

  • Cut off the excess shirt from the neckline. You’ll find those details in the book and on the video.

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

  • Add the shirttail to the sweatshirt.

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

  • Trim the sleeves to 3/4 length and add the shirt cuff areas to the sleeve hem.

Expressive Sweatshirts Nancy Zieman and Mary Mulari

appliques for sweatshirts
* This sweatshirt design was created by Laura, Joyce, and Kristen at Calico Country Sewing Center in West Frankfort, IL. For all the details on how to makeover this sweatshirt, plus nine others, be sure to add Expressive Sweatshirts to your library!

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