Just for fun, think of your sewing area as your sandbox! It’s time to play with no rules—you can even throw sand outside the box. That’s the philosophy of my guest, Vicki Tracy, a playful stitcher, who joins me on a 2-part Sewing With Nancy series, Embellish Outside the Box, this week’s online video feature.

Here’s a Preview of Embellish Outside the Box, part one:

 Tricked Out TeeEmbellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman and Vicki Tracy

Vicki looks at every piece of fabric and trim as an opportunity to be creative. One of her favorite palettes to embellish is a tee shirt, making it into a tricked out tee! After some resourceful cutting of an ordinary tee shirt, you’ll learn how to add Carefree Couching to this uniquely shaped artful shawl. You’ll be amazed at Vicky’s creative cutting and stitching!

Button Collage Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman and Vicki Tracy

Vicki has been known to say, “Add just a little bit more!” In this case, it’s more buttons and more trim that add a touch of “wow.” Button collages, whether sewn on by hand or machine, are the ideal way to embellish outside the box.

Sassy Sandwiching

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

When you fully embrace the concept of embellishing, you’ll give yourself permission to play! For instance, toss out traditional bindings and add a sassy sandwich finish to the edges. Sewing rules do not apply!

Edgy Ruffles

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

If the thought of ruffles brings to mind precise and perfect feminine trim, think outside the box! Use bias cut strips with unfinished edges to add a slightly edgy finish. Not limited to apparel, edgy ruffles can be glued, tucked, and stitched to add an unconventional accent.

Want to see how to have more fun in your sandbox?  Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Embellish Outside the Box Part OneWatch Online at nancyzieman.com

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