Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

Have you ever felt boxed in by too many sewing rules? Or, have you ever hesitated to sew, worried you’d make a mistake? Vicki Tracy, joins me on Sewing With Nancy and shows us how to cast sewing rules and mistakes aside. Vicki Tracy shares her guidelines in the second part of the new Sewing With Nancy series, Embellish Outside the Box.  It’s this weeks streaming video feature.

Sealed Edges

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

We start off the show with Vicki’s favorite ways to embellish with trim. No detailed binding needed with this easy technique, simply twist numerous strands of trim, then zigzag to raw edges.

Clever Cover-Up

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

One of Vicki’s favorite mantras is “Buy retail, add detail.” What was once a rather traditional-looking jacket is now an Embellished Outside the Box jacket. The collar features her Clever Cover-Up method created with zigzag stitches, extra fabric, and trim.

 No-Hassle Embroidery

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

Next, Embellishing Outside the Box turns to computerized embroidery for artistic options. With Vicki’s caviler approach to embellishing, stitch out a collection of embroidery designs without committing to a project. Later, use the embroideries as appliqués—it’s a no-hassle approach to embroidery.

Fabric Potpourri

Embellish Outside the Box Nancy Zieman Vicki Tracy

After you see this next Embellish Outside the Box idea, you’ll be inclined to keep all of your scraps, pieces of fabric, and trim. Select morsels of fabric and fiber, sandwich between stabilizers, and stitch. Use this newly created sheet of texture to adorn garments and accessories from head to toe.

Get all the details in our newest book and DVD, Embellish Outside the Box, now available at Nancy’s Notions.

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