delightful dresden appliques by nancy zieman

A great trivia question might be: “What do a city in Germany, porcelain china, and a quilt block have in common?” The answer? They all share the name Dresden! Dresden Germany during the 19th century was the center of the romanticism movement that included delicately painted porcelain, subsequently named Dresden china. Quilters in the early 20th century admired the china designs, resulting in a quilting pattern that was given the name—Dresden Plate.

Kate Bashynski, a designer on the Sewing With Nancy team and one of the best stitchers I’ve ever met, has taken great interest in the Dresden Plate designs.

Delightful Dresden Appliques by nancy zieman

If you’ve never created a Dresden Plate appliqué, you’ll need a template to create the wedges. We used both large and small template sizes.

Trace 'n Create Quilt Template Dresden Plate Collection by Nancy Zieman

Easy Dresden Tool Nancy Zieman Blog

Trace, cut, stitch, and assemble each Dresden Plate.

delightful dresden appliques by nancy zieman

Dresden Plate with Yo-Yo Centers

The design that I’d like to feature today is one that combines traditional and contemporary sewing and quilting techniques. The Dresden Plate with Yo-Yo Centers has a playful appearance with a dimensional focal point.  Another departure from the norm featured in this quilt is the use of ¾ or ½ plates. These partial Dresden Plates are equally as stunning as full plates when placed at the corners and along the borders. Now you can see why Kate is one of the most creative people I know!

delightful dresden appliques by nancy zieman

delightful dresden appliques by nancy zieman

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