Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy Shares How to Gather FabricI don’t know about you, but when I see a sewing project that requires ruffles or gathered trim, I take a deep breath and generally choose another project. Ruffles and gathers just aren’t one of my favorite sewing techniques. Last year while I was attending a meeting with Clover, I was introduced to a fusible gather tape. I tried to be discreet as I rather quickly grabbed the sample to study. I was skeptical!

Back at my sewing studio, I couldn’t wait to give the product a try. Certainly, this fusible tape wouldn’t hold up to gathering ruffles. Wrong! It held up and it made gathering or ruffling extremely easy. So, here’s a little tutorial on how to work with the Fuse ‘n Gather tape. Perhaps you’ll be as impressed as I am!

Fuse ‘n Gather tutorial

Note from Nancy—The photos were taken during the testing of the gather tape. Not all the fabrics are the same in each photo. Oh well!

  • Press the Fuse ‘n Gather to the wrong side of a strip of fabric (for trim) or along the top of the piece to be gathered. (Follow the iron setting as detailed on the package.) The stitches are tinted blue on the side of the tape that must face upward.

Fuse 'n Gather Tape by Nancy Zieman

  • Pull the blue gathering threads at both ends, creating a 2″–3″ thread tail.
  • At one end secure the threads by wrapping them in a figure-eight style around a pin.
  • On the other end, pull the blue gathering threads to create the gathers.

fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

  • If you have a long length to gather, wrap the threads around a pen or pencil (marking pen featured) to assist in the gathering process.

fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

  • Evenly distribute the gathers when creating trim as featured for a ruffle. Every once in a while you’ll feel a very slight “pop” of the threads as they release from the fused areas. Not to worry, the tape remains secure!
  • For trim, pin the gathered fabric to the base fabric. Zigzag the trim to the fabric, stitching down the middle.

fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

  • When creating ruffles, proceed as if you’d sewn two rows of basting stitches. The tape is lightweight and stays in the seam allowances. Talk about fast!

You can find the Fuse ‘n Gather in two different packaging options: 6 yards and 15 yards.

fuse 'n gather by nancy zieman

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