Art Quilts Fusible Collage Workshop A “Wrapped Binding” is a signature technique of Laura Wasilowski, one of the Sewing With Nancy guests of the 2-part series, Art Quilts—Fusible Collage Workshop. Along with Frieda Anderson, Laura shares terrific art quilt finishing techniques. The second part is this week’s featured online video. If you missed part one, you can watch online, on DVD, or on PBS.

Preview of Wrapped Binding

  • Square the quilt top so it is 1″ longer and wider than the finished size. This quilt is relatively small, with a finished size of 9″ x 11″. The top was cut 10″ x 12″.
  • Cut two layers of batting, in this case a stiff heavyweight interfacing such as Fast2Fuse or Timtex, the finished size. Curve the edges if you like. Not all art quilts have to be perfectly square!
  • Center the batting over the wrong side of the quilt top. Cover with a sheet of release paper (If you don’t know what that is, watch the TV show—it’s a recycled part of the process!)

Art Quilts Fusible Collage Workshop

  • Wrap the quilt top around the batting layers. Begin pressing at the corners.
  • Fold the sides of the quilt top over the interfacing; press. In the curved areas, it will be necessary to pull the fabric taut without stretching the design.

Art Quilts Fusible Collage Workshop

  • Fill  in the back of the quilt with scraps of fusible fabric to cover the interfacing and act as the backing. Coined, “random acts of fusing,” is one of the most clever backing ideas I’ve ever seen!

Art Quilts Fusible Collage Workshop There’s more! This is just a proverbial taste of the information that you’ll learn while watching Art Quilts—Fusible Collage Workshop.

 Art Quilts—Fusible Collage Workshop

For the inside scoop on art quilts, turn to the corresponding workbook that Laura, Frieda, and I developed, Art Quilts—Fusible Collage Workshop. This weekend I’m going to use the book to add Frieda’s fused binding to one of my projects. There are 52 programs to watch online, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Have you downloaded the app?

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