A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With NancyOften you hear the phrase, “Quilting Bee”. We’re sure your mind pictures images of old: Friends, family, fabric, and fun. The Modern Quilting Bee has all those elements plus more. Join Nancy Zieman as she journeys outside the Sewing With Nancy studio to celebrate the art of quilting at the The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show in Madison, Wisconsin, and watch A Modern Quilting Bee on The Best Of Sewing With Nancy online.


Modern quilting is a buzz word in the quilting community. Weeks Ringle, author, publisher, designer, teacher, lecturer, and fabric designer joins Nancy for a chat on modern quilting—quilting as a reflection of today.

A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With Nancy

One of Nancy’s favorite fabrics to work with when she made her Landscape Quilts was hand-dyed fabric. Wendy Richardson is a master at dying fabric. Wendy joins Nancy and shares some of the processes she uses when hand-dying fabrics.

A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With Nancy.

Nancy often said that she had the best job in the world, because she got to interview and learn from leaders and innovators in the sewing and quilting world. Lola Jenkins, quilter and lecturer, joins Nancy to share her quilting journey inspired by her life and heritage.

A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With NancyNancy’s next guest and friend, Laura Wasilowski, shares her art quilting methods for combining slow-quilting and quick-quilting.

A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With Nancy

When most of us think of quilts, we generally think of bed quilts or wall quilts. In addition to two-dimensional, quilting is also three-dimensional. Lorraine Torrence, author, designer, and educator, joins Nancy to share her legacy exhibit of quilted garments. 

A Modern Quilting Bee by Nancy Zieman of TV's Sewing With Nancy

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