Fancy-Footworks-2-book-coverAn Invisible Zipper Foot, a Walking Foot, a Roller Foot, a Satinedge™ Foot, a Teflon Foot . . . when to use/how to use? Ever have those questions? You’re not alone. During the 3-part Sewing With Nancy series on Fancy Footworks 2, I take you through the process of identifying feet and how to use them.  
For the next three weeks, the episodes from this 3-part series will be the featured Sewing With Nancy online videos. Click here to watch the first, second, and third episodes.

How to sewing with specialty presser feet by nancy zieman

First, the Invisible Zipper Foot

It was designed to do one thing and do that process well, namely to use when inserting an invisible zipper. In this TV show, I break down the process in a few simple steps.

Invisible Zipper Roller Foot

Fancy Footworks 2 by Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

The Roller Foot

For smooth sailing over varied thicknesses of fabric, stitching napped fabrics, and sewing on tacky surfaces, use the Roller Foot. See it in action gliding over fabric, alleviating the “pushing” on the underside of the foot as the feed dogs “bite” the fabric. The Roller Foot also works great when making Thread & Trim Pizza. Tune in to learn the recipe.

Roller Foot Low Shank

Fancy Footworks 2 by Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

The Walking Foot

My third featured foot makes the edges of a seam meet perfectly. Or, quilt multiple layers of fabric without shifting when using a Walking Foot. It’s a hard-working presser foot that most sewing and quilting enthusiasts shouldn’t be without.
Deluxe Walking Foot

Fancy Footworks 2 by Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

The Satinedge™ Foot

When a satin edge or appliquéd edge is next on your sewing agenda, use the Satinedge™ Foot. Designed with an even zigzag stitch in mind, this specialty foot provides a uniform stitch, ideal for finishing edges.

Satinedge Foot

Fancy Footworks 2 by Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy

Then, check out the Fancy Footworks 2 Workbook and DVD now available at Nancy’s Notions. There are 12 specialty feet featured in a workbook fashion.

Fancy Footworks 2 Workbook Nancy Zieman's Giveaway Winner

The random winner, from my blogs on Part 1 and Part 2 regarding Sew Techie Covers, is Patty Foster. Her comment was: I need to design a cover for my Nook. Since my passion is reading, maybe books or words. So many options.

Sew Techie Covers by Nancy Zieman of Sewing With Nancy

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Sewing With Nancy app

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