Using any bag or tote template or pattern, learn how to upgrade and personalize your next bag project during this 2-part series on Innovative Bags & Totes. A total of eight variations are shared, including this Smocked Tote! Click here to watch part one of Innovative Bags & Totes, it is this week’s online video feature. 

Innovative Bags & Totes by Nancy Zieman

Using the Trace ‘n Create Florida Tote Template, the focal point (the smocked center section) is created with one of Clover’s Yo-Yo Makers.

Yo Yo Makers by Clover

The smocking accent is the brainchild of Donna Fenske, a member of the Sewing With Nancy Team. Five yo-yos are hand stitched into one piece of cotton quilting fabric, using the above templates. The process is clever—the results are dramatic!

Innovative Bags & Totes by Nancy ZiemanIf you’re wondering what bag style we used, it’s my Trace ‘n Create Florida Tote Template. Yet, you can use any tote or bag pattern you’d like.

Trace 'n Create Florida Tote Template by Nancy Zieman

The show is available in so many formats!

During this first program of Innovative Bags & Totes, there’s a total of four ideas. Watch the show online, on DVD, on PBS, or on your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

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Innovative Bags & Totes

Learn how to create eight bag variations in Innovative Bags & Totes

Innovative Bags & Totes

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