We all make blunders! Think of washing a wool sweater in the washer and drying it in a clothes dryer. Or, making an omelet that looks likewellscrambled eggs gone bad.

When it comes to sewing and quilting, blunders are equally prevalent, but we’re often harder on ourselves than if the omelet goes bad.

Let’s laugh at ourselves! What’s your silliest blunder?

As for me, of course, there are many blunders! But the one that comes to mind first is the backwards zipper!

It happened while recording a Sewing With Nancy show. I was going to show you the easiest way to insert a zipper. The process went smoothlyno retakeskeep in mind that I work practically upside-down when demonstrating to TV cameras.

Nancy Zieman Sewing With Nancy How to Sew a Zipper

When I opened the basted seam stitches, the zipper pull was facing the inside of the skirt, not usable from the outside. It took three retakes to sew the insert as effortlessly as sewing the zipper correctly!

At that point, I just had to laugh at myself!

Learn the easiest way to insert a zipper

I share the easiest way to insert a zipper in my book, Absolute Easiest Way to Sew and a blog titled, How to Sew a Centered Zipper—A Pinless Technique.

Share your silliest sewing or quilting blunder?

Let’s laugh together. Write your faux pas below.

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway We’ll randomly choose a blunder and send you—well—a Clover Seam Ripper! What could be more appropriate!

Clover's Seam Ripper on Nancy Zieman's blog

Nancy Zieman's Giveaway Winner

Fuse 'n gather tape by nancy zieman

The random winner of a 6 yard package of Fuse ‘n Gather from a blog titled Create Gathers Without Sewing, is Sandy Garrett. She said, I make window treatments and bedding, and this would be perfect for those gathered dust skirts and ruffles on duvet covers, balloon shades, and pillows. Genius!

Bye for now,

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