To showcase a quilt on the wall or at a quilt competition of show—whether a small wall quilt or a prized bed-sized quilt—a rod pocket is the hidden element that gives the best hanging option.

I generally savor the process of handstitching the rod pocket, also known as quilt sleeve, to the back of my finished quilt. Having the quilt draped on my lap while I take tiny stitches to hold the pocket in place is a peaceful way to end the creative process.

Some of you might be finishing a quilt for an upcoming quilt show. Perhaps you will be attending or exhibiting at the Quilt Expo in Madison WI, September 8—10? If any of you are at the rod pocket stage, I’d like to share with you a few tips on how to measure, cut, and stitch this finishing piece.  By the way, the placement of the pocket is critical for large quilts to prevent the fabric from draping on the floor!

It only takes a few minutes to view the video—I hope you’ll enjoy!

Hope to see you at the Quilt Expo!

Bye for now,

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