Indygo Junction's Fabric FlowersA little fabric can go a long way. In fact, during my new Sewing With Nancy mini-series, my guest Amy Barickman and I give you great reasons to keep even small pieces of fabric, because they are ideal candidates to create stunning fabric flowers.

This week, Fabric Flowers part one is the featured Sewing With Nancy online video. You can watch the entire program online, or of course, on your local PBS station. (Schedules and topics vary with each PBS station.) During this first episode, you’ll see five great fabric flower options that really can be stitched in short order, plus they look dynamic!

Five Great Fabric Flowers—Make One This Evening!

Click here to watch online. Then, let me know which is your favorite option!

Passion Poppy

Wool felt is the base for the Passion Poppy with highlights of roving added. It’s a striking adornment that’s easy to create.


Select a small piece of felt, we used wool felt, and add the roving highlights. On TV we show how to use Baby Lock’s Embellisher, or choose Clover’s Needle Felting ToolsThis fabric flower accessory is a show stopper!

Rounded Rosettes

Roses, nothing but roses—that’s what this next fabric flower technique is all about. Amy’s rounded rosettes are equally as charming as the botanical kind with the advantage of extended longevity! Learn another felting technique, and you too can create a single rose or bouquet of roses.

Pretty Petals

Take your felting venture one step further by creating individual petals and dimensional petals! Our Pretty Petal accessory combines texture, fibers, dimension, and shaping for a dramatic accessory.

I know you’ll enjoy the process of stacking the petals after adding touches of roving. No two fabric flowers will look the same!

Bias Blooms

Mix and match cotton prints to create your own variety of Bias Blooms. No degree in horticulture is needed, just an eye for color and a little sewing savvy!

There are three elements to this fabric flower. Amy gives the pattern details in her new book.

Budding Yo-Yos

Fabric Yo-Yos were the inspiration for Amy’s Budding Yo-Yo accessory. Smidgens of silk, cotton, and wool turn into dimensional circles that are  stacked and embellished. It’s a classic look from a homespun origin.

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All the details are in one easy-to-follow book!

During the 2-part series, Amy and I only had time to feature 10 easy-to-make flower blooms. In her book, Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers, you’ll find 25 options!

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Do you have a favorite?

You’ve just seen a preview of the first episode of Fabric Flowers. Let me know which design or process is your favorite? Please post below. Next week you’ll have five more fabric flower options! (You can vote this week and next week!) We’ll post the random winner on October 18. Amy Barickman has graciously offered to send a copy of Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers to the winner. Stay tuned!

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