Sewing With Nancy Mentioned in Romance Novel, Keeper by Patricia Gardner EvansContinuing with National Sewing With Nancy Month in honor of our 30th anniversary on TV, here’s a little Sewing With Nancy trivia! What do Fabio, okay a Fabio kinda-look-alike without a flowing mane, and Sewing With Nancy have in common? The answer is found in a romance novel.

I receive many cards, letters, and packages in the mail. But when I opened a package and found a romance novel featuring a shirtless, sweaty guy on the cover, a Fabio type, I was puzzled. The novel, entitled Keeper, published in 1994 by Silhouette Publishers, had a note attached to it. A Sewing With Nancy viewer sent me the book and directed me to page 171. Out of curiosity, I turned to chapter 9, page 171 and found this interesting copy:

Sewing With Nancy Mentioned in Romance Novel, Keeper by Patricia Gardner Evans[Previously in Keeper . . . Laurel is hospitalized with double pneumonia when Cleese pays a visit]

“What were you working on?” he asked when she sat back. The instant she’d seen him, the drawing had disappeared into the stack of paper he’d brought her.

She dismissed the drawing with a wave of her hand and a guileless smile. “I was just doodling.”

“Um-hmm…what else did you do today besides doodle?” He’d caught just a glimpse of the “doodle”: L.J. in a skimpy hospital gown.

She wrinkled her nose. “Mostly slept and watched TV. The highlight of my day was learning how to do pintucking on Sewing With Nancy,” she shook her head gravely. “It was pretty much downhill after that. . .”

The rest of the page got a little too steamy to share in a sewing blog. You’ll have to buy the book to find out the ending. Or perhaps you already know!

Sewing With Nancy Mentioned in Romance Novel, Keeper by Patricia Gardner Evans

So, is this the part of the blog where I share how to sew a hospital gown? Maybe not. However, I will share where you can find tips on sewing pintucks!

Pintuck Foot Low Shank

In the Fancy Footworks Workbook and DVD, you’ll learn about a dozen different presser feet, including how to use the Pintuck Foot for making traditional and corded pintucks.

Fancy Footworks


Sewing With Nancy’s 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

To celebrate 30 years on television, Sewing With Nancy sponsors, guests, and friends have generously donated “30” amazing giveaways. To qualify for one of the giveaways, click here and post a comment below the Giveaway Event Posting, with your favorite Sewing With Nancy memory. Thirty (30) random winners will be announced November 30! (We’ve just playing this “30” connection for all it’s worth!)

Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event

Nancy's Giveaway Winner

Thank you for sharing your favorite travel gear projects from the 2-part series of Travel Gear Made Easy blog postings. The random winner of Travel Gear Made Easy is Sherrie. Her comment was: My favorite travel gear is my curling iron holder because I can put the curling iron in the holder hot and it does not affect anything else in my suitcase. Also, the bright-colored ribbon tied to the handle of my suitcase makes it easy to find on the carousel when I pick up my bag.

Sewing With Nancy Travel Gear Made Easy Nancy Zieman with Mary Mulari

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