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It’s one of the favorite parts of my job—receiving sewing and quilting tips from you! For years on Sewing With Nancy, I passed along such tips during the Mail Bag segment—the last part of each show. Over six years ago, I replaced that segment with Nancy’s Corner, but on occasion I still receive ideas from you, my viewers.

I’d like to share two of the most recent tips that I received, in hopes that you’ll pass along a tip or two! Let’s see if we can share over 100 sewing tips!

Sewing or Quilting Tip #1

Here is my tip for Nancy. I save the plastic boxes that you get when buying berries, vegetables, or bakery. They come in different sizes and work great to store smaller pieces of fabric. I like how you can see what is inside!

In some recycled boxes I store 5″ charm squares or cut strips. Other boxes work well to sort fabric by color. I use the larger sized see-through boxes to organize all the pieces of a cut-out project to take on a quilting retreat.

Kathleen J. Pagel

Sewing Tips Nancy Zieman

Sewing or Quilting Tip #2

At the Quilt Market last month in Portland, I was thrilled to see one of the attendees carrying a Hobo Tote that she had made using my Trace ‘n Create Bag Template—The Hobo Tote Collection. She introduced herself as Ellen Rice, and she told me that she had a tip for me to use when creating my new Hobo Tote. I listened with open ears. Nancy Zieman Hobo Tote Sewing Tips

She recommended that rather than zigzagging the bottom seam so that it lies flat, cover the seam with trim. “It looks better,” Ellen said. She’s right! So if you have that template, add more trim along the lower seam. (Please excuse my cell phone photos.)Nancy Zieman Hobo Tote Bag Sewing Tips

Thank you Kathleen and Ellen for sharing your sewing and quilting tips. Now it’s time for you to post your sewing or quilting tips below! Let’s see if we can share over 100 sewing tips!

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