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Every Thursday we spotlight the Sewing With Nancy online video feature. During the summer, you’ll find encore episodes from our past season. It’s a routine thing, the schedule is plugged in and everything works like clockwork. Well, except for the fact that the first episode of Fast and Fleecy Accessories landed on the July 4th!

So, smile and grin! If you need cool thoughts for today, click and watch the first episode!

Sewing With Nancy Fast and Fleecy Accessories

Here are the fleece sewing projects you’ll learn!

I start off with the 2-in-1 scarf. As a scarf it hugs around your neck; as a hoodie it keeps you warm when the weather turns brisk—six months from now! It’s a super-quick fleecy project—an ideal way to begin this mini series entitled, Fast and Fleecy Accessories.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories by Nancy Zieman

When you feel chilled, the best way to be comfy is to layer with a fleece wrap. Designed to hug your shoulders, this wrap will assuredly stay in place. See how you can easily make this No-Slip Wrap with fleecy fabric.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories by Nancy Zieman

Cozy, yet without being bulky, that’s what best describes the Cowl Scarf. Snapped closed, it hugs your neckline without layers under a coat or jacket. If buttons are more your style, add details with easy-to-sew buttonholes designed for knits.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories by Nancy Zieman

Here’s a comfy scarf that requires no knotting or fasteners of any kind, making it less bulky. Best of all, it always stays tied.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories by Nancy Zieman

Have any fleece waiting to be sewn? You can find easy instructions in the book/DVD by the same name, Fast and Fleecy Accessories.

Fast and Fleecy Accessories by Nancy Zieman

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