Create a fashionable scarf in under an hour? You may think I’m kidding, but with Sew Amazing Scarves, a yard of fun fabric, and a sewing machine or serger you will be able to do just that. The scarf sewing is absolutely easy and you’ll make a splash with this versatile accessory.

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“O” Sew Easy Scarf

The first scarf idea you’ll see is the “O” Sew Easy Scarf. Made with a single layer of lightweight fabric, a simple “O” shape is cut out, and then the edges are serged. The scarf can be simply worn like a pullover or transformed with some creative draping ideas. (The pattern for this scarf or wrap is included in the book.) Consider making this scarf from a wool fabric for fall.

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman TV Show

Double Layer “O” Sew Easy Scarf

If the single layer “O” Sew Easy Scarf is appealing to you, consider this option of making it a double layer. Using a short top layer and longer bottom layer, the look is ideal for evening with only a minimum of time invested. This is an ideal serger project.

sew amazing scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman TV series

Convertible-Ride Scarf

If I owned a convertible, I’d choose a hot pink number, buy a big floppy hat and wear this scarf cavalierly around my neck! Since a new car isn’t in my future, I’ll wear this scarf while driving my minivan. If you’re in need of a mental get-away, this easy-to-sew scarf has daydreaming possibilities. Choose two coordinating fabrics and a ribbon accent. That’s it!

sew amazing scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman TV series

Double De-Lite Scarf

Select two compatible fabrics, cut bias strips, finish the edges, and after stacking and sewing the layers together, you’ll find that you’ve created a flowing, graceful neck wrap. I call it the Double De-Lite Scarf; it’s a delightful process to create and a stunning way to frame your face.

sew amazing scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman TV series

Pendant Scarf

During the show, I demonstrate how to cut and sew a bias scarf. Use that knowledge to make another scarf, this time choosing a medium weight fabric, such as rayon batik. Slip on scarf accents and almost instantly you’ll have a pendant scarf.

sew amazing scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman TV series

Be-Jeweled Scarf

I’m not a jewelry maker, but a few bangles purchased from the beads section of a craft store along with fabric make a 2-in-1 scarf idea. Simple sewing, hand and machine, plus a simple technique of knotting the fabric, will transform an ordinary scarf to a be-jeweled neck wrap.

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Sewing With Nancy Sew Amazing Scarves

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What’s your favorite scarf so far? Vote and you could be the random winner of the book, Sew Amazing Scarves. Twenty scarves are included in the book, plus patterns for the designs that are not rectangles. You can vote the following two weeks—more scarves will be featured! Winner will be announced April 2.

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Thanks for reading my blog titled Sew a Versatile Hobo Tote. I appreciate all your comments sharing your favorite tote options. The random winner of a Trace ‘n Create Template–Hobo Tote Collection is Judy D. She said: Option 5 with the scarf. I love it!!!

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