Welcome to the third installment of Sew Amazing Scarves. See the fun, easy-to-sew scarves here, and watch the third program in the three-part series of Sewing With Nancy. The complete series features a mix of scarf styles with something to fit everyone’s design taste.

As in the past two weeks, vote for your favorite style. A random winner will receive a copy of the book, Sew Amazing Scarves, which includes a total 20 scarf projects.

Loop & Tuck Scarf

Let’s start with the Loop & Tuck Scarf. However you choose to loop and/or tuck, the fabric stays put! The secret ingredient is the way the pattern is designed; there’s no slipping or sliding of the fabric.

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Shirred Scarves

Start with a large purchased scarf, like a Pashmina scarf, and add texture with elastic thread. I’ll provide the sewing know-how; you decide the stitching and shirring accents. You’ll soon see that creativity is only moments away when using elastic thread in the bobbin. By the way, this technique is easier than you might think!

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Shirred Crossroads Scarf

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Faux Shirred Scarf


Embroidered Elegance

Add your own signature to a scarf, with embroidery. With a delicate design and a few stitching tips, give your scarf a touch of elegance.

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Fringed Folly

Two fabric tubes make this offset scarf design—it’s called Fringed Folly. The fringed ends, offset design, and playful buttons give this scarf unique style.

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

Date Night Scarf

A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan on business. Shopping in the Ginza district, I was drawn to a lovely scarf. When I saw the $400 price tag, I knew a comparable design could be made for a song. I call it the Date Night Scarf.

Sew Amazing Scarves Sewing With Nancy Zieman

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Nancy Zieman's Giveaway

What’s your favorite scarf so far? Vote and you could be the random winner of the book, Sew Amazing Scarves. Twenty scarves are included in the book, plus patterns for the designs. This is the last week to vote for your favorite scarf. The winner will be announced April 2.Sew Amazing Scarves by Nancy Zieman of Sewing With Nancy

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