Quick Stitch to Wear Again- Hem Jeans- Sewing With Nancy ZiemanMending! That’s a sewing topic that some try to avoid. Have you ever thought, Oh goodie, today I get to replace a zipper! Can you relate?

Mending doesn’t need to be a trial. You can cheat! No demerits, rather legitimate—although unconventional—sewing repairs with minimal effort. You’ll find four common mending repairs in the first episode of Quick Stitch to Wear Again, today’s Sewing With Nancy featured video. Watch online, on Public TV, or on DVD. Or, follow all the details in the book. Here’s what you’ll learn!

Fool’em Jeans Hem

Here’s the first cheater’s way to mend, the Fool’em Jeans Hem! Nancy demonstrates how to shorten a pair of jeans, yet keep the original hemline stitching—you might be surprised at the solution. Click to watch online.

How to shorten jeans/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

No-Bump Jeans Hem

When tapered or flared jeans must be shortened, another fix-it approach is needed. Usually, it’s tricky to sew over the thick seams. Not so with the No-Bumps Jeans Hem approach. No steamroller needed, just a quick-stitch tip!

How to shorten jean/Nancy Zieman/ Sewing With Nancy

Snug-up the Waist Fix

When pants or jeans fit around your hips, but gape at the waist, you can “Snug-up the Waist” without a second thought. Grab a seam ripper and some elastic and  Nancy will show you how to create a snug fit in mere minutes.

How to fit jeans in the waistline/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy

Cover-Up Zipper Fix

Sew True! You’ll never see zippers the same way! The Cover-Up is Exposed. Okay, we’re having fun with a topic that can be dry. The Cover-Up Zipper technique, replacing zippers in jeans and pants, is truly sensational. Don’t look for the latest edition of Sew True at the grocery checkout—just watch online!

How to repair zippers/Nancy Zieman/Sewing With NancySpecial thanks to Philip Ashby, graphic artist at Wisconsin Public TV for the clever illustrations.

19 Cheater’s Sewing Repairs in Nancy’s Book!

There wasn’t time for Nancy to demonstrate all the mending tips and tricks on TV—so we gathered additional easy ideas to add to the tips shown on TV. All 19 tips with illustrations are in the full-color book, Quick Stitch to Wear Again.

Quick Stitch to Wear Again by Nancy Zieman Book & DVD

Watch Quick Stitch to Wear Again on Sewing With Nancy online.

For a chance to win a copy of Quick Stitch to Wear Again from Nancy’s Notions, simply leave a comment sharing which of these mending tips you need the most.

Quick Stitch to Wear Again by Nancy Zieman Book & DVD

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