What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a website that lets you organize all the great things you find on the web. I recently started pinning my favorite website finds at www.pinterest/nancyzieman.

Think of Pinterest as a big online bulletin board. A click of your mouse attaches the link or pin to a virtual bulletin board, replacing the thumbtack on the corkboard.

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

Why should you be interested in Pinterest?

That’s the question I asked myself. At first I just thought it was another thing to do. Yes, it takes a little time, but there is a reward! I find great inspiration and information on this site by browsing boards created by other people. For example, I follow Riley Blake, a fabric manufacturer on Pinterest. They currently have 46 boards; I follow a few of their boards such as the one named Creative Spaces. Whenever Riley Blake pins a blog or web article, it will appear on my list of followers. If I like something they pin, I click on it and read more on the originating website.

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

For example, I recently found a pin on creating vests for premie babies in the NIC units. I repinned, or added it to my board named Community Service Projects. I doubt that we would have found this free downloadable pattern without using Pinterest. Now I can pass along this idea to you.

Nancy Zieman PinterestThe downloadable pattern is found on the web site www.southern-stitches.com. Look for the originating site at the end of the pin.

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

How to Pin

Copy and paste the web address (URL) of an online article you enjoy. At your Pinterest page, you’ll be able to add the article to one of your boards. You’ll be prompted to choose a photo, then you can add a message.

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

Some websites, have a Pin It icon that appears when hovering over a photo in the blog or website; my blog has that feature. Click on the Pin It button, and the blog web address and photo are automatically pinned to your board. Easy!

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

Pin Etiquette

What I really like about this site is that pinners are usually well-mannered. Pinterest has a page devoted to Pin Etiquette. I only wish there was an etiquette list for using a cell phone! I digress.

Nancy Zieman Pinterest

How to get started?

Go to www.pinterest.com and select the button “Join Pinterest” at the top of the page. You can register via Facebook, Twitter, or an email. It is an even easier process if you ask a friend to help you who already has a Pinterest account. That’s what I did. In about 20-minutes I got the hang of it.

See you at my Pinterest site.

I try to add new pins each week. Some of the pins are from my blog site, yet many other pins link to websites that I follow. Sewing, quilting, and embroidering are the obvious topics of most of my boards, but I added a non-related board, Eat Dessert First, just for fun!

I hope you’ll give this new way of finding sewing, quilting, and embroidery inspiration a try!

Bye for now,

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