Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Pattern by Mary Mulari

I get asked this question all the time, Where do you come up with all the ideas for your TV show? The answer is as varied as the topics. The Sewing With Nancy team is the main source of inspiration. I also watch trends in magazines, plus get ideals from other authors, including friend Mary Mulari. As the most frequent guest on my show, she has a guaranteed spot on each season’s line-up. Not because of obligation, but because you love her techniques!

Each year I spend a 3-day retreat with Mary at her sewing studio. We review TV options, eat chocolate, talk, and shop—an all in all good time. During the TV review session, I can count on being shown a bin or basket of inspirational ideas.

This past January, Mary’s bins were filled with vintage aprons. A topic on aprons made a lot of sense. As often happens, what was in vogue in past decades, makes a revival—aprons are no exception.

Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Pattern by Mary Mulari


Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Pattern by Mary Mulari

With easy-sew techniques, including making each style reversible, she turns the bin of inspirational aprons into a terrific two-part series. The program is titled: Easy Reversible Aprons—Everyday and Elegant

Watch online or on Public TV as we create four waist tie aprons:

  • Coffee Cups and Cocktails Apron (my favorite)
  • Fresh Air Apron
  • Tool Belt Apron (what a great gift idea)
  • Necktie Wedge Apron

The day version of the Necktie Wedge Apron is shown above, then just turn it around for the evening side. It goes together so quickly!

Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Pattern by Mary Mulari

You’ll be delighted to find that a second size of the Necktie Wedge Apron is included, ideal for your daughter or granddaughter! This size also has a detachable button on bib.

Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Aprons by Mary Mulari

Little girl's version.

All four of these aprons, plus a bonus “4-way Apron” are included in the Waist Tie Apron pattern.

Easy Reversible Aprons Waist Tie Pattern by Mary Mulari

The patterns and DVD that accompany this 2-part TV series, Easy Reversible Aprons—Everyday and Elegant, give all the details and instructions.

Nancy’s Corner

Experiencing sewing and quilting in middle school may not seem very unique. Yet when learning the skill and researching the design takes place in a history class, you might inquire as I did about this project. Honor Quilts, are researched and made as part of Bob Gentilli’s history class in Belleville WI with the hope of “making a difference in the world.” Kristin O’Connor and Brian Weasner are two of the “Shakers”—otherwise known as the designers and promoters—and the “Makers”—students who spent time stitching the quilt—to share with us this unique learning opportunity.

Robert Gentille's students from Belleville Middle School

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