, the Nancy Zieman Facebook paged was hacked/stolen. It was totally my fault. This is what happened.

I received a message from Facebook along with their logo, stating that my account would be suspended because I violated their policy and that I needed to verify my account or they would temporarily shut it down.  I filled out the form with my login information. Stupid—I know better than that.

That night I could no longer access my administrator account. When I went to my Facebook page I found posts for all sorts of unrelated products. My password was changed and I could not delete the posts.

We are currently working on gaining back control of my Facebook page. But it is not happening very quickly. Thanks to many of you who reported the hack and to those of you who are working to help my team regain control of the site.

Lessons to learn from my big mistake:

  • Do NOT click or share any of the non-sewing or quilting posts. Likely, the purpose of the perpetrator is to achieve financial gain from clicks and/or sales.
  • Never give out your password. (I know this and you know this – but did I follow my own advice? No.)
  • Have a different password for each internet/social media account.  

Have patience. We hope to gain back control in the near future.

Egg on my face and feeling mighty stupid,